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Finland plans to build a fence on the border with Russia

The Finnish government said on June 9 that it plans to amend the law to make it possible to build a fence on its eastern border with Russia. This move is said to enhance readiness against threats.

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View of the Finnish border town of Imatra. Photo: Reuters

According to Reuters news agency, Finland has a history of war with Russia although currently the forested border area between the two countries is only marked by signs and asphalt roads for most of its 1,300km length.

The Finnish government has rushed to strengthen border security because of concerns that Russia could pressure the country by sending refugees to Finland’s border, similar to what the European Union (EU) does. accused Belarus of doing late last year. At that time, hundreds of refugees from the Middle East, Afghanistan and Africa were stranded on the Polish border.

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Traffic sign at Imatra border gate, border area of ​​Russia and Finland. Photo: Reuters

The Finnish government’s plan to amend the law includes a proposal to focus on receiving asylum applications only at specific points of entry. Under current EU rules, migrants have the right to seek asylum at any given point of entry of an EU member state.

The Finnish government also intends to amend the law to allow the construction of new fences and roads to facilitate border patrols on the Finnish side.

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Finland is applying to join NATO. Finnish President Sauli Niinisto and Prime Minister Sanna Marin have said that joining NATO will strengthen the security of both the country and NATO. CNBC quoted President Sauli Niinisto as saying, the Russia Attacks Ukraine changed the situation for Finland, although it faced no immediate threat.

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