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Forest fire in southern Spain leaves 3 people injured, a town has to be evacuated

Forest fire on the slopes of Mount Pujerra, June 8. (Photo: Reuters)

Fire Forest fires outbreak began on the afternoon of June 8 (local time) on the slopes of Mount Pujerra in the Sierra Bermeja, above the Costa del Sol, a tourist attraction on the Andalusian coast, the Andalusian Forest Fire Administration (INFOCA) ) said on Twitter.

According to the announcement, the hot summer weather and winds of 40 km/h caused forest fire broke out and spread quickly.

Local emergency services have set up tents as shelter in this town of 7,000 people, but most evacuees have found temporary shelter at relatives’ homes or in hotels.

Up to 200 firefighters were on site along with 100 military personnel and 50 firefighters from other towns battling the blaze.

Forest fire in southern Spain injured 3 people, a town had to be evacuated - Photo 1.

Emergency crews at the site of a forest fire in Pujerra, Malaga, June 9, 2022. (Photo: AP)

“Sadly, we have to report that three INFOCA firefighters suffered burns of varying degrees, one of them suffered 25% body burns and was taken to Malaga hospital for treatment,” who Andalusian regional head Juanma Moreno told reporters.

It is estimated that at least 2,000 hectares of forest land have been destroyed. The temperature forecast for the day in the coming days in this area can reach 40°C, potentially causing more forest fires.

Another wildfire ravaged the mountain range in September 2021, burning at least 7,780 hectares of forest and thicket to ashes in a matter of days. About 1,000 firefighters and 50 planes worked to put out the blaze.

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