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Grab will use its own mapping technology

Grab officially announced the launch of GrabMaps, a digital map service based on evaluations from Grab’s partners and drivers.

Accordingly, GrabMaps will be applied in the third quarter of 2022, replacing the Google Maps database that it has applied for many years.

Tan Hooi Ling, co-founder of Grab, said: “Grab has always sought to develop technology to meet localization needs in Southeast Asia, and GrabMaps is a prime example of this effort. The alleys and backstreets across cities in Southeast Asia are not usually visible on regular maps, but are navigated by our driver partners every day. We have invested in developing this technology into a competitive advantage to give Grab users and partners a better experience, while shortening transit times, saving costs for customers. enterprise“.

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GrabMaps enhances the power of the super app Grab


From allocating rides to driver/delivery partners, calculating estimated arrival times, setting routes, optimizing delivery costs and much more, technology Positioning, identifying places of interest (POI) or intelligent routing algorithms play an important role in most of the core features of platforms like Grab.

According to Grab internal data, countries that have switched to GrabMaps have seen an average improvement of 3 percentage points in finding POIs of ride orders, while estimation accuracy Expected travel time in the region increased by 1 percentage point, and this went up to 7.8 percentage points in some countries.

The core advantage of GrabMaps is that this service is built on the principles of mapping based on data from the community, including users, store partners and driver partners.. .

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Map data contributed from the community through KartaView app and driver partner and super app Grab


Driver partners also have the opportunity to contribute to Grab’s map by collecting POIs and other useful data such as street images, street names, traffic signs, and also have the opportunity to increase income. This gives GrabMaps the advantage of accuracy, coverage and always being updated, while still optimizing cost efficiency.

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