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Ha Thanh Xuan is entwined with her husband ‘King of Koi fish’

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Vietnamese Stars June 10: Ha Thanh Xuan with her husband “King of Koi fish” Thang Ngo posted a photo of visiting Da Dia Ghenh, Quy Nhon.

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Khanh Thi intends to relax, but work is spinning until ‘one foot kicks the other’.
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Singer Nhat Kim Anh coffee early.
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Serious and sexy look when working by producer Truong Ngoc Anh.
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Singer Dan Truong, ex-wife Thuy Tien and singer Trung Quang gather to celebrate Hoang Tuan’s birthday.
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The clear beauty of singer Hoang Yen Chibi.
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Cai Luong artist Binh Tinh brought a cake to celebrate the birthday of his late mother Bach Mai.
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Singer Manh Quynh gardening.
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Singer Khanh Linh is afraid of being fat but “likes to eat well and cook well”.
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Singer Tung Duong poses in a nostalgic space.
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On a summer day, Meritorious Artist Chi Trung goes to the beach.
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Actor Viet Anh “spends his youth looking for a wife”.

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