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How dangerous are children with vitamin K2 deficiency?

Friday, June 10, 2022 06:00 AM (GMT+7)

Children are the group most susceptible to vitamin K2 deficiency. This condition not only affects bone health and height of children, but also increases the risk of tooth decay and many other health problems.

Vitamin K2 deficiency affects bone health and height in children

Along with vitamin D3, vitamin K2 is an important “link” in calcium metabolism in the body. Vitamin D3 helps to enhance the absorption of calcium from food into the blood, vitamin K2 directs calcium from the blood to the right place in the bones, helping to increase bone density, strong and tall children.

Despite such an important role, vitamin K2 is a factor that many parents “forget” in the process of helping their children develop stature. Experts say that no matter how much calcium a child receives, but without vitamin D3 and vitamin K2, this amount of calcium cannot reach the bones effectively to play its role well.

Research by Maria Schröder (University of Oslo, Norway) et al in 2020 shows that: When supplemented with vitamin K2, children’s bone strength and length were significantly higher than when not supplemented. In particular, if combined with vitamin D3, the increase in bone length is further improved (nearly twice as much as the group that did not supplement with any vitamins).

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Vitamin K2 deficiency makes children susceptible to tooth decay

In 1939, Dr. Weston Price (former President of the American Dental Association) has performed many times: He gave patients an avocado oil rich in vitamin K2 and found that the bacteria causing tooth decay was reduced by 95%. .

Experiment of Dr. Price has revealed the benefits of vitamin K2 for oral health and that a lack of vitamin K2 increases the risk of tooth decay.

Cavities occur when children receive too little calcium, enamel demineralizes rapidly, and dentin breaks down. According to BS. Mark Burhenne (American Institute of Dental Medicine), when calcium deposition in teeth is not guaranteed, it will lead to poor oral health, even if you brush and floss regularly.

He emphasized, increasing the amount of vitamin K2 will make osteocalcin (a protein found in bone and dentin) work more efficiently, promote new dentin development, and limit tooth decay.

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Risk of osteoporosis in adulthood

Osteoporosis is a condition in which bone density decreases, making bones more brittle and vulnerable. It is the main cause of fractures in the elderly.

To reduce the risk of osteoporosis, from an early age, we need to be supplemented with enough nutrients to accumulate the best peak bone mass. Researchers at the University of California (USA) pointed out that, A 10% increase in peak bone mass corresponds to a 50% reduction in the risk of osteoporosis fractures in adulthood.

Vitamin K2 deficiency increases the risk of osteoporosis and fractures significantly. A study by Masataka Shiraki (Institute of Research and Practice for Invasive Diseases, Nagano, Japan) for 2 years showed that the group of osteoporosis patients who did not supplement with vitamin K2 had a higher rate of reduction in bone mineral density. up to 6.5 times and fracture rate 2.8 times higher than the supplemented group.

Vitamin K2 also increases collagen storage in bones, makes bones strong and increases flexibility and elasticity for bones.

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Vitamin K2 deficiency affects heart health

Vitamin K2 activates Matrix GLA Protein (MGP), a protein that controls calcification. MGP prevents calcium from being deposited in unnecessary places such as the kidneys (can cause kidney stones) or blood vessel walls (causes calcification of arteries, blockage of blood vessels)…

The famous Rotterdam study of 4,800 subjects conducted over 10 years by Vermeer C and colleagues who are leading experts in vitamin K shows that, among the vitamins K, vitamin K2 is the most important for effective prevention. Excessive calcium accumulation in the arteries.

Dr. Gast (Utrecht University, Netherlands) also monitored vitamin K2 supplementation for 10 years and found that vitamin K2 MK7 is the most important chain to effectively prevent excessive calcium accumulation in the arteries, reducing the risk of disease. cardiovascular theory.

Supplement vitamin K2 properly for children to increase optimal height

Importantly, but vitamin K2 is not abundant in common foods, vitamin K2-MK7 supplements (the most superior form of natural origin) in Vietnam are also quite rare. In there, Keovon Vitamin K2 MK7 The spray form is considered the most outstanding product thanks to its outstanding advantages.

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Keovon Vitamin K2 MK7 is a spray-on vitamin K2 supplement that is imported from Europe. clear provenancelicensed for circulation in Vietnam.

Products have spray form extremely handy, good absorption effect Thanks to the direct absorption mechanism through the rich capillary system in the oral cavity, vitamin K2 is not affected by digestive juices like other forms.

In particular, Keovon vitamin K2 has Sweet natural apple flavorcreating a sense of excitement for children when supplementing, parents do not have to work hard to force their children to use.

Products with Dosage is easily adjusted tailored to the needs of each age group.

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With Dimao Vitamin D3Keovon Vitamin K2 MK7 creating a prominent height increase support duo, trusted by hundreds of thousands of parents for their children to use. Many children have increased in height by 10-15cm/year, physically strong, strong and happy by using Dimao Vitamin D3 400 IU and Keovon Vitamin K2 MK7.

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Dimao Vitamin D3 400 IU and Keovon Vitamin K2 MK7 is vitamin D3 K2 spray form imported from Europe, contributing to the body’s good absorption of calcium, enhancing the process of attaching calcium to bones, helping to strengthen bones and teeth, and support optimal height development for children. young.

Besides, Keovon It also helps the blood clotting process to take place normally in case people often have nosebleeds, prolonged bleeding time.

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Products are imported and distributed exclusively by CTT Vietnam International Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company and Vietnam Prohealth Joint Stock Company.

This product is not a medicine, it is not a substitute for medicine.

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