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How to be considered a smart woman?

Every woman wants to be intelligent and outstanding. So, in your opinion, how intelligent women will be?

How to be considered a smart woman?  These 3 stories will enlighten you!  - Photo 1.

Many people believe that being smart is having excellent academic performance, superior IQ, and being able to solve difficult math problems. But these things only show up in books, what about in everyday society?

Follow along with the 3 stories that are shared dizzyingly on Zhihu’s platform below, you will have a valid answer for yourself:

1. Share of @Enjoy a joint venture:

I have a friend. She is the smartest girl I have ever met. I must admit that she is very beautiful.

When she was at school, her friend’s academic performance was very poor, almost every competition was ranked at the bottom of the table. But this girl is extremely optimistic, cheerful, multi-talented, multi-talented, sings very well, also knows how to dance ethnic dances, often appearing in many school activities. However, this caused her to be scolded by her homeroom teacher for not studying hard, only knowing how to sing and dance.

How to be considered a smart woman?  These 3 stories will enlighten you!  - Photo 2.

As expected, she did not pass the university entrance exam. After graduating from high school, he started working to earn money.

She once told me that: “Learning is not the only path. I will definitely make a lot of money.”

Without a degree, without expertise, of course, it is impossible to find a good job. My friend tried working as a waitress, but a 12-hour day made her unbearable. She tried to work in sales, the pressure of sales made her like suffocating. She tried setting up a small business stall, working as a nanny… but any job could only last for more than half a year.

Her parents complained in her ear, criticized her for not knowing how to work hard, otherwise, she went to see her husband to be happy.

But she feels she has not found a satisfactory job. She didn’t want to suffer for the rest of her life. As for whether she should get married, she wants to marry the person she loves, the right person at the right time, and doesn’t want to get married quickly and vaguely.

Until one day, she saw a bar in the city recruiting amateur singers. Thanks to her inherent talent, she was accepted and quickly became a famous singer. Every day, customers ask her to sing, many people pursue her. She eventually fell in love with the bartender in the bar.

This guy comes from a poor family. But possessing a sweet, peachy mouth. My friend discovered that his love history was very complicated, with countless girlfriends. So she cried for a while, the next day asked to break up. Because she knew he couldn’t give her a future.

Working at a bar, meeting all kinds of people. She has met someone who works in the media industry. He suggested to her that she should set up a Weibo account, thereby creating her own popularity. Indeed, this approach has been successful. My friend has moved into business, giving up singing.

A long time no contact, but heard that her income is in the form of great. Her husband was the man who had enlightened her in the bar earlier. Life is very happy right now.

My friend, although her academic achievement is not equal to anyone, she always knows what her goal is. Everyone has their own advantages, just knowing how to strive for what they want is the smartest!

2. Share of @Pliers of wrath:

How to be considered a smart woman?  These 3 stories will enlighten you!  - Photo 4.

My high school chemistry teacher. She is 30 years old, divorced, about 1m55 tall, chubby figure, normal face, short hair. As a very ordinary-looking woman, everyone had a bored attitude when they heard that they were studying Chemistry from this teacher.

But in the first class, I discovered that all the students in the class were listening attentively to her lecture. Even the most destructive children become strangely docile.

She lectures extremely logically, her voice is quite fast and clear, and her knowledge is rich. Everyone who heard it was absorbed, the whole thing seemed to bow at her feet.

The later, the more I respect her. She didn’t prepare the homework in advance, always coming up with new ideas and giving them to the students. Encountering an unexpected problem, she had a miraculously quick solution.

Many years have passed, I still remember that talented woman. Knowledge is what gives people a special charm!

3. Share of @ Gongzi looking for joy:

How to be considered a smart woman?  These 3 stories will enlighten you!  - Photo 5.

That was my grandmother.

When she was young, she was both beautiful and talented. The most special is the ability to embroider on fabric. Unfortunately, the educational concept at that time did not allow her to go to school.

She had to get married early, then began to practice managing the business of her husband’s family. Although she was illiterate, she was very good at calculating. This makes the job much easier.

But life is not like a dream! Grandfather made the whole family bankrupt, then passed away. She took her nine children with her to open a small restaurant. In time, the restaurant is growing more and more prosperous.

Daughters should grow up and get married. She respects the issue of freedom of love, and at the same time does not interfere with the life after marriage of her children. The mother-in-law relationship is also very good.

In my mother’s eyes, she was a very talented woman.

Indeed! Women don’t need to be educated, just keep their dignity, persevere in their efforts, and have their own rules, they are smarter than anyone!

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