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How to live happily without friends?

Sometimes we have to go through a period without friends, for example moving to a new place, changing to a new lifestyle and finding life very difficult.

Some tips to make it easier to get through this phase.

Focus on personal preference

Make a list of 5 activities you love and set aside time each day to do it, for example enjoying a drink or favorite food, going for a walk in the park, watching a movie, reading a book or exploring hobbies. new. It is important to let all five of your senses to experience and enjoy these activities.

Famous singer Taylor Swift once revealed that one of the reasons why she became a famous singer and songwriter was because when she was in school, she had no friends. She told a newspaper: “I remember when I was in school, the reason I wrote the song was because most of the time I was alone.”

Focusing on personal interests can help you overcome the loneliness of being without friends.  Illustration: Happinesson.

Focusing on personal interests can help you overcome the loneliness of being without friends. Illustration: Happinesson.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Instead of spending time comparing yourself to others, focus on how you can be happy alone. Comparison damages your self-esteem, makes you self-deprecating and not brave enough to be alone in all life decisions.

Avoid “addiction” to social networks

If you want to be happy without friends, the most logical way is to not indulge in social media. By common sense, we often compare our unhappiness with what we believe to be the happiness of others. Don’t forget that social media can be a great tool to make friends with people you think are interesting, but just observing what other people are doing can make you feel depressed.

Take care of yourself

Spend more time for yourself, for example, going to the park, signing up for classes in your favorite subjects (drawing, foreign languages), shopping for clothes, taking care of plants and pets, cooking delicious meals for yourself.

Studies show that self-care boosts self-esteem and confidence, helps release the hormone dopamine, helps you feel excited, confident, and focused on work.

Taking good care of yourself helps you create a beautiful appearance, a good personality, and sends a message that you are independent, proactive and positive in life, instead of depending on others to get fun. In fact, research shows that 40% of a person’s happiness comes from the choices they make.


Formal exercise habits, over time, will release a powerful source of energy in your body, making you feel active and active in life.

Participate in volunteer activities

Helping those in need can help you to give all the good things in life and receive the good in return. Don’t forget, a simple act of kindness can make you feel happier.

According to a study published in the journal Science in 2015, volunteers and people who give money to charity tend to be more satisfied with their lives.

Spend time with loved ones

If you don’t have friends, family is a great place to head to and have fun. Spend time with positive and happy family members, they will energize you through conversations and sharing. They can also help you in difficult situations.

Thuy Linh (According to Happinesson)

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