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Husband is 9 years younger, no problem!

10/06/2022 07:17 GMT+7

The love and marriage of couples with “skewed wands” is not a problem if the people in the heart are in harmony…


I still remember the day I confessed my love to him. It was a turbulent time when she received a storm of “comments” from relatives and friends.

“God, why do you love a boy 9 years younger. Then how will they call each other? Baby, do you love me? Then how to match personality, think when the age gap is so big?”.

The incoming messages and calls made her bewildered with her choice. Then she calmed down after asking herself: “How did you and I actually start love?”. The question made her reminisce about the long and quiet days of the two of them together. The sweet things he shared, the love he had for her more than a man… mature, but people still assume that maturity must be related to age.

He is younger, but he is mature and serious (Artwork)
He is younger, but he is mature and serious (Artwork)

Before that, she used to love an older person, but he had a childish temperament. And he, though young, is mature in thought; Although he rarely speaks, what he does for her is always quiet and understanding.

Remember the time when she was lonely and sad, he patted her: “You don’t believe in yourself, do you? I love you because you are the one who understands me, not because of your beauty.” Then he wrapped his arms around her from behind, scolding love: “Too stupid”.

Yes, there are many beautiful young girls around him. He is modern, works in an open environment, has a lot of relationships around, but he chose her, a classic woman who values ​​family. “I want to have a real family, a warm place to come back to after a tiring day at work outside”, he expressed the wish of a grown-up man.

Then she also found the answer to her choice. Because she and I met in the desire to have a family, not as a passing lover. In the end, he and his sister also lived together for nearly ten years.

From the day she returned to the same house, she seemed to pause her… getting old to… wait for him. Everyone comments that she is young all the time, but she understands the reason, because being with the person she loves, understands and loves her, how can she get older. “Women will stay young for a long time when they meet the right piece of the puzzle that they love,” she said.

Her life is more fulfilling when the two “profit” add a prince and a princess. He is more successful with his business and happy with where he goes every day. “Thanks to her, I have time and energy to devote to work, my success is partly due to the caring hands of my wife”, he said proudly about his “inner general”.


The day he brought her home to debut, his parents worried about their son because “the one who loves me is taller than me, has better conditions, will I be looked down upon?”.

Relatives also discussed because “a man cannot lose his position compared to the person he married”. But what he heard from her was: “I love you because I admire your kindness and talent, the effort to overcome difficulties you have experienced in the journey to conquer your dreams”.

Perhaps for her, a reliable man because of his bravery to overcome difficulties to succeed with his feet, not based on what is available. She saw his “potential” from the calloused hand of a boy with a poor background, from his black skin with a friendly smile, ready to open his wallet for the poor even though he was… not getting any better.

Image for illustration purposes only - JCOMP
Image for illustration purposes only – JCOMP

Kindness radiates a warm energy that makes love blossom. It was the match that ignited her feelings.

And then, overcoming all the talking and talking, with love big enough to conquer everyone, they also came together with laughter.

After eight years, they have two more members. In the small apartment, they created themselves from their efforts and were always warm by family meals. Learning English with older children, she coaxed the little boy to sleep, making the house a dream of many people.

The “smell of happiness” of your family proves that the “wrong wand” is not a problem if the people in the family are in harmony with their hearts…

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