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Important iOS 16 features that Apple hides-Information Technology

iOS 16 comes with a lot of improvements that Apple didn’t show in its recent presentation at WWDC 2021, and here are the iOS 16 features that users might miss.

Horizontal Face ID

Currently, for Face ID biometric authentication, users have to keep the phone in portrait mode. But since iOS 16this limitation has been resolved as users can quickly authenticate payments, unlock phones and autofill passwords, alongside sensitive tasks that require the TrueDepth camera system to do its magic every angle.

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Apple noted that Horizontal Face ID was enabled for “supported iPhone models” without revealing any product names. Before, Apple has also allowed Face ID to work even with people wearing masks.

Spotlight Search on home screen

Until now, iPhone users had to perform a swipe down gesture to access the Spotlight Search feature, but the search bar at the top is not easily accessible with one hand, especially on larger phones like the iPhone 13. ProMax.

With iOS 16, the Spotlight Search button appears as a small pill at the bottom of the home screen, right in the toolbar. It is easily within reach and expands to full search mode with a single tap.

Haptic feedback keyboard

iPhone users can now enable the haptic feedback system for the virtual keyboard. Users can now mute keyboard sounds and still receive confirmation of button presses. Apple’s haptic feedback offers one of the most balanced haptic experiences on a phone available, and now all that good is coming to a task that many people are still doing on their phones. his phone, it’s typing.

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Show Wi-Fi password

In the past, when it came to sharing your iPhone’s Wi-Fi connection password with a Windows PC or Android device, there was no choice but to retrieve the password in storage to share. But soon, iOS 16 will let users see the Wi-Fi connection password that the iPhone accesses. In addition to seeing the Wi-Fi password, it can be copied and shared. However, Apple is still protecting Wi-Fi passwords after an authentication layer, be it Face ID, Touch ID, passcode, or lock screen password.

Control Apple Watch from iPhone

Another cool feature on iOS 16 is Apple Watch mirroring on iPhone. Apple has confirmed that it will activate in iOS 16 and watchOS with the official name of Apple Watch Mirroring – the idea being to allow users to control their Apple Watch remotely using their connected iPhone.

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By leveraging accessibility tools like Voice Control and Switch Control, Apple Watch Mirroring allows users to perform tasks on Apple Watch with audio commands, head tracking, audio cues, and more. It’s an alternative to tapping the Apple Watch’s small screen and is an essential part of Apple’s broad support for people with disabilities to use their devices.

Nintendo Joy-Con Controller Support

According to app developer Riley Testut, iOS 16 adds support for the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. Developer Steve Moser also discovered mentions of Nintendo Joy-Con support in the code of iOS 16.

Apple engineer Nat Brown added in the thread that the Joy-Con controllers can be used separately, or both can be connected to an iPhone and used as a single gamepad controller. It looks like this feature is still a work in progress, but it is likely that when iOS 16 is released later this year, it will be compatible with Joy-Con controllers.

Messaging with Siri

iOS already allows users to use voice dictation to have Siri type that message for them. Once the message has been composed, Siri will read it aloud again and then need to confirm whether it should be delivered to the intended recipient. But the confirmation step can be a bit annoying if the user is sending multiple messages in a row.

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With iOS 16, that confirmation step can go away, and iPhone owners can configure Siri to automatically send messages once it’s read to them. Users will not need to repeat the audio confirmation every time they want to reply or send subsequent messages in a series.

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