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iOS 16 will bring iPhone 14 back to the “stone age” or “ahead of its time”?-Hi-tech fashion

iOS 16 brings iPhone 14 back to 2012 with old Android features and to 2032 with amazing AI tricks.

The first developer beta of iOS 16 Apple’s new has been released. According to experts, this is a much bigger update than anticipated!

iOS 16 lock screen like 2012 Galaxy phone?

When updating to iOS 16, iPhone lines from iPhone 8 will get a bunch of new features that Android users had 1-10 years ago. And most of them involve customization, which is unprecedented on Apple’s iPhone.

iOS 16 will bring iPhone 14 back to the "stone age"  or “ahead of its time”?  - first

iOS 16 copies many features of Android.

But in keeping with the world’s biggest tech company, Apple has offered some futuristic features to go with iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura.

This is a strange “old and new” paradox that only Apple can handle, thanks to the company’s shrewd approach to iPhone customization over the years and Cupertino’s growing prowess in making it. for software, hardware, and super-advanced AI that work seamlessly together.

iOS 16 brings familiar Android features to iPhone 13 and iPhone 14

iOS 16 brings an overhaul to the iPhone’s lock screen, including themes and wallpapers.

iOS 16 will bring iPhone 14 back to the "stone age"  Or “ahead of its time”?  - 3

Concept photo iPhone 14″ Series.

New Android features now available on new iPhones thanks to iOS 16:

● New font on lock screen (Samsung phone)

● Live wallpapers (Xiaomi phones)

● Photo Shuffle and theme with color choice (Huawei phones and Google phones)

● Vibration keyboard touch – Keyboard haptics (Android phones)

New features on iOS 16

For many people, iOS 16 is an “Android update”, but they also bring many cutting-edge features that meet AI and Machine Learning.

● iOS 16’s New Share Feature

The new iCloud Photo Sharing Library lets you share photos between friends and family, but… in a smarter way. More than just a simple shared album, they also have smart setup rules that allow you to choose photos to share based on the people/faces in them or the date.

iOS 16 will bring iPhone 14 back to the "stone age"  or “ahead of its time”?  - 4

Illustrated photo.

iPhones running iOS 16 will also be able to send a photo you just took to a selected friend, as soon as you take the photo. Users can also edit images with others – everyone has equal rights to add, edit, favorite, annotate, and remove photos from shared albums.

And yet, users can also collaborate with others on shared notes (available from iOS 15) and Safari tabs, where everyone can add their own tabs and see Tab Groups updates instantly. ie when working together. So iOS 16 is very important about sharing, communicating and working together.

● Live Subtitles in Video

This is nothing new on phones as Google has introduced a feature equivalent to the Pixel 6, thanks to Android 12 and Tensor.

iOS 16 will bring iPhone 14 back to the "stone age"  Or “ahead of its time”?  - 5

Illustrated photo.

The highlight here is the Live Text in the video. Users can highlight, copy-paste, and even perform tasks like web search – all from the text in the video. Live Text for photos is already available on iOS 15 and Android 12, but this is a big move from Apple.

● Lock screen to-do list

● Drag and drop visual lookup (create PNG stickers in a snap)

● Turn your MacBook into a video camera through your iPhone

iOS 16 will make it possible to use your iPhone as a video camera instead of your MacBook. The user will have to connect a dedicated phone/camera to his laptop via a special cable or receiver to send the signal from the DSLR camera to the computer.

iOS 16 will bring iPhone 14 back to the "stone age"  Or “ahead of its time”?  - 6

Illustrated photo.

Users can use their iPhone as a webcam for their MacBook for better quality. But the great new feature of iOS 16 is Desk View. This feature will use the iPhone’s ultra-wide-angle camera during a video call (on a Mac) to show two completely independent video streams including:

– Yourself – focus on the screen

– Top-down view of your desk/work area

This feature helps users collaborate more effectively with their colleagues and friends. They will be useful when shooting unboxing videos, cooking videos, tutorials, etc. become a really powerful tool thanks to some of Apple’s AI algorithms.

iOS 16 will bring iPhone 14 back to the "stone age"  Or “ahead of its time”?  - 7

Illustrated photo.

The iOS 16 upgrade is truly a combination of classic Android and features labeled “Apple House”.

The truth is, Apple copied Android.

But this is not the first time that has happened. It’s also a fact that Android phone makers also like to “borrow” iOS features. However, the results are both making iPhones and Android phones better and better.

At WWDC 2022, iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 showcased Apple’s innovations and the company’s dominance in mobile operating systems. The Cupertino-based company brought in some “obvious upgrades” but also created a new breakthrough that only the company can make.

According to Tran Vy (Vietnamese people)

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