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It is necessary to ensure that the belts in the Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City regions can be used for 100 years

2 projects “for the sake of children and grandchildren”

On the morning of June 10, the National Assembly deputies made comments on the Investment Policy of the Road Project Belt 4 regions of Hanoi capital; Ho Chi Minh City 3rd Ring Road Project. Many delegates expressed their agreement with the project investment policy, but it is necessary to clarify some issues such as site clearance, contractor appointment, specific mechanisms and policies…

Delegate Nguyen Anh Tri (Hanoi) said that the implementation of these projects will bring enormous direct and indirect economic benefits, because thousands of hectares of land will become gold and silver land. , there are more urban areas, many industrial parks, cultural and scientific centers, universities, etc. Therefore, the investment to complete these two projects is absolutely necessary, urgent and certain. , effective. Delegates expect the National Assembly to approve so that the two projects can be implemented soon.

Delegate Nguyen Anh Tri also noted that in the process of project implementation, it is necessary to develop the best and most advanced technical standards to ensure the road is used for about 100 years.

“It is necessary to consider the road as a special type of national real estate. This property generates profits directly and indirectly right on the body of the road, right next to the road and a whole belt area, even the whole country, so it must be done very well and with great quality” – the Hanoi delegation stated.

In the Government’s report proposing the toll collection period to be 21 years, the delegate said that it is necessary to consider the 30-year toll collection to ease investors and reduce the road toll price for the people.

The delegate affirmed, a road built with quality and durability is 100 years, if the toll is collected for 30 years, it still has another 70 years, even if it is repaired every year, it is still very effective. Delegates hope that the Government and relevant provinces do a good job of synchronously planning the belt area of ​​the roads to increase the effectiveness of these two important projects.

It is necessary to ensure that the belts of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are used for 100 years - Photo 1.

Delegate Nguyen Van Than (Thai Binh)

Delegate Nguyen Van Than (Thai Binh) expressed his views, the 4th ring road project in Hanoi capital; The Ring Road 3 project in Ho Chi Minh City is two “for generations to come” projects that need to be assigned to the Prime Minister to “take the helm”, if assigned to localities will easily lead to heterogeneity. At the same time, it is also advisable to spend appropriate capital for these two projects, in which to find a famous design unit in the world to design and consult.

Delegate Nguyen Van Than also said that there is no need to be too hasty to implement and complete the project, it can be extended if necessary to carefully study the overall project, site clearance, design and consulting work. . Besides, when assigning to investors, it is necessary to consider private enterprises.

Need highways in policy thinking

Delegate Le Hoai Trung (Thua Thien Hue) said that through international experience, when building works and infrastructure, there are problems with efficiency, violations… The delegate proposed the establishment of task force to solve, further support on legal, administrative and technical issues, local and local when there is a problem.

In addition, there should be a training course on legal issues, processes and techniques for units and localities; There should be a monitoring and inspection mechanism to help reduce errors.

It is necessary to ensure that the belts of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are used for 100 years - Photo 2.

Delegate Le Hoai Trung (Thua Thien Hue)

Debating with the above opinion, delegate Le Thanh Van (Ca Mau) said that the State is organized on the principle of having assigned control over power according to the functions and tasks of each agency. The organization and construction of projects has internal inspection and control agencies such as inspection and investigation. If every time the project is done, the police, inspectors and audit agencies are included, it will be contrary to the principle of organization and operation of the State apparatus without overcoming the situation of law violation.

Delegate Vu Tien Loc (Hanoi) emphasized on clearing bottlenecks in institutions, policies, and administrative procedures for the development of the country’s economy.

It is necessary to ensure that the belt in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is used for 100 years - Photo 3.

Representative Vu Tien Loc (Hanoi)

“We need highways in transportation, we also need highways in thinking about policies and administrative procedures” – the delegate shared.

Delegate Vu Tien Loc wishes these belt projects as a model of new thinking, of the synchronous participation of the whole political system; New thinking of development breakthrough, of total vision and new thinking of transparency. In addition, it is necessary to have a mechanism to protect cadres who dare to think and do.

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