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It’s not my turn to enjoy my husband’s finances

I am the author of the article: “My husband’s family considers me as a stranger”, 12 years as a bride, I have endured many things.

In the area where I live, when a daughter gets married, the husband’s family is responsible for taking care of the daughter-in-law, because later the bride also worships her ancestors. If you have a dowry, your family will give you a dowry, if you don’t, you will. My husband’s family celebrates two anniversary each year, although I don’t spend money, I also stay up late to help cook and clean, later my brother-in-law comes back to help because I keep the money for the market, so I take care of that. Whatever you do, you don’t like it, just clean it up and have an attitude, thinking that I’m messy and untidy.

My children are still small, at the age of playing, so when they come home from school, they often pour out their toys, I am also busy with business sometimes. The patriarchal husband, never being sweet or giving gifts to his wife, never sided with his wife. Once, I heard my mother-in-law tell him: “The money that my mother gave me later on must be kept, not all given to my wife because the wife’s family is squandered and has a seizure disorder and then runs away”. When I heard her say that I was heartbroken, could my aunt and uncle take the debt, so I have to bear it? I also feel guilty because my uncle owes her 600 million dong, after four years of demanding it still has not been paid. If I knew you like that, I wouldn’t have asked her to lend you.

>> Do I need to know my husband’s finances?

My brother-in-law doesn’t like my wife’s business. I know she is sick, but because she doesn’t want me to hire more people, it costs more. She said that if she still helps me, she will stay in the hospital and I will not take care of her anymore. I’m straightforward so I don’t get hurt. My husband works far away, two young children, I want to take care of his parents in hospital, I have to send them, I feel very sad. To clarify, my grandparents only built the shop and had a little initial capital, the rest later I managed to do business on my own, a little less I asked to borrow it and then returned it. I have been a bride for 12 years, but my husband’s economic affairs still do not come to me.


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