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“It’s not taking advantage but because of the situation”

Although married, but Long river still not afraid to hug and kiss her female co-star right on stage, causing a lot of controversy.

Recently, in the first episode of the show “Thank goodness you’re here” Season 8, Truong Giang has acted heavily criticized by the audience. Specifically, in this first episode, Truong Giang is the head of the department and Miss Thuy Tien are guests. Accordingly, Miss Hau must turn into the secret lover of the boss played by Truong Giang.

Kissing the female co-star, Truong Giang affirmed:

Thuy Tien was surprised by Truong Giang’s kiss.

It is worth mentioning that in order to act out the intimate emotional actions of lovers, Truong Giang suddenly kissed Thuy Tien on the cheek, making her startled. Because she was so surprised by the action of the male comedian, Thuy Tien reflexively dodged, but soon the beauty born in 1988 also quickly handled the situation intelligently.

Although it was only a small action, Truong Giang received many criticisms from the audience. Most are not satisfied with Truong Giang’s actions. In fact, this is not the first time that Muoi has had such a difficult time with her female co-stars. Even before marriage or after marrying Nha Phuong, Truong Giang has intimate actions with co-stars that make the audience angry.

Kissing the female co-star, Truong Giang affirmed:

Some viewers think that the action of the male comedian of Quang Nam origin is less charming because not everyone is happy to accept intimate actions like this. Sometimes actions like this will create discomfort for colleagues and even create an objectionable image on television.

Also at the show “Thank you, here you are”, Truong Giang has many times been too intimate with female co-stars such as kissing Kathy Uyen, Kim Tuyen, Nam Em, hugging Van Trang, Bang Di… Is there any need? Is it necessary to have such excessively intimate actions? Or are these acts of exploitation and harassment?

Kissing the female co-star, Truong Giang affirmed:

Truong Giang on Kim Tuyen and Kathy Uyen on stage.

Kissing the female co-star, Truong Giang affirmed:

The male comedian also hugged and kissed Van Trang and Nam Thu, making the audience angry.

In the past, Truong Giang once explained about hugging and kissing with Kathy Uyen and Van Trang in the program “Thank God you are here”. The male comedian confirmed that it was not an advantage, but a situation. Specifically, in the situation with Kathy Uyen, both playing Rome and Juliet are “Of course they have to kiss because they’re a classic of the world”. As for the situation with Van Trang, it is necessary to act as a long-distance love couple, and it will take a long time to meet again “must kiss”.

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