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Johnny Depp continues to appear in court

The actor who has just won the case against his ex-wife will continue to have to go to court on July 25 because he is dragged into another lawsuit.

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Johnny Depp in the recent trial.

Johnny Depp This time is the focus of public attention after he won a lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard, and was awarded $15 million in compensation from his ex-wife by the court. The actor’s reputation is slowly returning after the noisy lawsuit, but Johnny Depp will have to go to court again soon.

The actor was attacked by a crew member City of Lies assault on the set. Johnny Depp can appear in court to testify or defend himself in the trial that takes place at the Los Angeles Superior Court, USA at the end of July.

The incident took place in April 2017 after Johnny Depp was informed that filming had to be stopped at 11pm due to license restrictions. Gregg “Rocky” Brooks was then the location manager responsible for ensuring that filming was completed on time. However, Johnny Depp disagreed and shouted at Brooks when informed. “Who the hell are you? You have no right to make me do anything”.

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Johnny Depp

Brooks said he was extremely calm and polite to explain to the actor about the incident but to no avail. Johnny Depp continued shouting, “You can’t tell me what to do” before punching Brooks twice in the left side of his ribs in front of the entire film crew. Along with that, the actor said he would give Brooks $ 100,000 if he dared to punch the actor in the face, but Brooks refused. Johnny Depp’s bodyguards then dragged the actor away from the scene.

July 2018 Gregg “Rocky” Brooks sued Johnny Depp. The long list of witnesses listed includes Christi Debrowski – Johnny Depp’s sister, two bodyguards Sean Bett, Waldman and business manager Ed White. All of these people recently testified for Johnny Depp in Fairfax, Virginia, in his lawsuit against him. Amber Heard.


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