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‘Laughing out of jaw’ with clips of people being scared by animals to the clouds

10/06/2022 08:32 GMT+7

Do you think animals are always afraid of humans? Then you will surely laugh and think again when you watch the following clips.

A clip captures an animal circus show, in which there are 3 men wearing outstanding red and yellow costumes, an MC holding a speaker to narrate. A man holding a yellow balloon is holding it near the crocodile’s mouth.

Everyone around held their breath waiting for the crocodile to break the balloon. The young man standing near the lake was also afraid of a loud explosion, so he put his hands over his ears. But suddenly he slipped and fell into the lake.

'Laughing out of jaw' with clips of people being scared by animals to the clouds
Image cut from clip

Hearing the sudden noise, thinking that the young man was dragged into the lake by a crocodile, everyone present on the outdoor stage panicked and fled.

The audience outside had the opportunity to laugh “shaking the belly button” because of everyone’s quick reaction.

Another clip recorded by a security camera at a clothing store in Thailand at 14:10 on June 6, 2022 also made netizens laugh.

According to the clip, a man is climbing a ladder to fix the ceiling. Two women standing on the floor. Suddenly, a rat jumped from a clothes rack to the bottom of the ladder, and ran towards the woman in the black skirt. Both women who saw the rat were so scared, cried out loudly and jumped to avoid being run over by the rat.

The girl in the white suit was probably the most frightened, so she hung on the clothes rack, but the fragile shelf collapsed causing her to panic and cry like a child rushing out of the store. The man hurriedly jumped down the ladder to reassure the girls.

Another clip is also attracting netizens to record the situation that happened outside the primate cage in Indonesia, on June 6.

According to the clip, a young man stands outside the orangutan cage. When he reached out his hands teasingly, the animal quickly grabbed the hem of his shirt.

The young man stepped back, but the orangutan was faster, grabbing his leg. At this time, the young man was so scared that he could only scream for help.

Another person ran to help rescue the young man, but the orangutan in the cage seemed very angry and hugged the man’s leg tightly, at one point he almost seemed to be bitten by the orangutan.

Lam Giang; Clip: MXH

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