Launching GrabMaps, entering the market of 1 billion USD map services thanks to millions of drivers crept into every alley

Grab Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: GRAB) has just announced the launch GrabMaps.

Originally developed for internal use, GrabMaps was created in response to the growing need for Grab’s more localized solutions, thereby further enhancing Grab’s services.

Currently, GrabMaps provides services and location intelligence algorithms for all of its services Grab in 7/8 countries where Grab operates. It is expected that Grab will be completely autonomous about the map mechanism with GrabMaps in the third quarter of 2022, instead of using Google services such as Google Map or Waze.

Grab's surprise attack with Google: Launching GrabMaps, entering the market of 1 billion USD map services thanks to millions of drivers crept into every alley - Photo 1.

App Grab in Vietnam in 2018 still uses Google maps. Photo: Grab.

Grab is always looking to develop technology to meet localization needs in Southeast Asia, and GrabMaps is a prime example of this effort. The alleys and backstreets across cities in Southeast Asia are not usually visible on regular maps, but are navigated by our driver partners every day“, said Ms. Tan Hooi Ling, Co-Founder of Grab.

“We have invested in developing this technology into a competitive advantage to give Grab users and partners a better experience, while shortening transit times and saving costs for businesses. We are proud that Grab will soon operate fully independent mapping and navigation technology. The commercialization of this technology is another step forward for Enterprise and New Initiatives – a fledgling but growing business. Grab’s rapid growth.”

From allocating rides to driver/delivery partners, calculating estimated arrival times, setting routes, optimizing delivery costs and much more, geolocation technology identifies Point Of Interest (POI) or route-scheduling intelligence algorithms both play an important role in most of the core features of platforms like Grab.

GrabMaps currently supports over 800 billion API calls per month from various Grab services. Based on performance evaluation between GrabMaps and leading third-party map providers, GrabMaps has 4x lower error rate and 10x lower latency.

Internal data also shows that countries that have completely switched to GrabMaps have an average of 3 percentage points improvement in finding POI points of ride orders, while the accuracy in estimating Estimated travel time in the region increased by 1 percentage point, and this went up to 7.8 percentage points in some countries.

How does GrabMaps strengthen Grab?

hinh anh thuc te cua mot doi tac tai xe grab su dung kartacam kartacam in action 1654772734619128560967
dung kartaview va doi tac tai xe sieu ung dung grab crowdsourcing map data through the kartaview app as well as grab driver and user superapp 1654772734602637966384

Map data contributed by the community through the KartaView app and driver partners via Grab.

The core advantage of GrabMaps is that this service is built on the principles of mapping based on data from the community, including users, store partners and driver partners.

GrabMaps solutions are built on new data from millions of orders and rides made every day, along with real-time feedback from partners on blocked routes, address changes. business and other matters.

Driver partners also have the opportunity to contribute to Grab’s map by collecting POIs and other useful data such as street images, street names, traffic signs, and also have the opportunity to increase income. This gives GrabMaps the advantage of accuracy, coverage and always being updated, while still optimizing cost efficiency.

For business customers (B2B), GrabMaps provides the following services:

Grab's surprise attack with Google: Launching GrabMaps, entering the market of 1 billion USD map services thanks to millions of drivers crept into every alley - Photo 3.

– Basemap Data allows companies to use data from Grab, such as Locations, Street & Traffic Data, Images, extracted from the latest updated map dataset and broadcast fastest growing in Southeast Asia with coverage ranging from capital cities to tier 3 cities.

Location: GrabMaps currently has more than 33 million POIs and addresses across Southeast Asia and is expected to grow to 37 million by the end of this year.

Streets and vehicle traffic: Provides a bird’s-eye view of the road network in Southeast Asia, and updates a variety of useful data such as turning restrictions, speed limits, toll booths, and more.

Picture: Provides high resolution street images with a wide 360 ​​degree view from locations along the roads. Images are displayed in a variety of resolutions and qualities.

– Mapping engine and software as a service (SaaS) is a total end-to-end system that business customers anywhere in the world can use to create their own maps. Kartacam, a Grab-owned mapping camera, designed to adapt to conditions in emerging markets, is currently being tested by partner companies in Paris, Johannesburg, Dubai and Seattle.

The application programming interface (API) and mobile software development kit (SDK) that Grab plans to launch by the end of 2022 and in 2023, respectively, will allow developers and its teams to upgrade, design the app and program its own navigation features using GrabMaps technology, such as route setting, search, traffic identification and navigation features.

Launched in 2012, Grab currently provides a variety of delivery, transportation and digital financial services in 480 cities in 8 Southeast Asian countries including Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. catalog

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