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Leave alone alone!

It is said that winter is the season of love. But for me, the season of love contains worries and sorrows in life. Once, she told me: “The season of love is someone’s season, not mine”, and then she lamented that she was lonely and lost in this life.

Another time, when she and I went to drink coffee, she lamented: “You know, the shop I know often stops by, only I have an odd number”, “the corner of the street I often pass by, only I walk slowly. .

I looked into the distance and sighed: “Feeling world All of them have found their missing half, only one of them has not. Spring ends, summer comes, autumn comes, the seasons pass, I’m still alone. My hand has no one to warm, my shoulder has no one to rely on.”

Honestly, I understand that you are very lonely. But baby, loneliness is also a very normal feeling, as well as sad, like happy. There’s nothing wrong with being alone. So I don’t have to try to cover it up. Leave it alone…

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Therefore, let’s let people have a couple, regardless of people have new people (Illustration image)

As a human, let yourself be lethargic for a bit, it’s okay to be sad star, only to cry is to be strong. It’s okay, life is like that, it will bring us different emotions. Sometimes, you will be at the peak of happiness, but there will also be a day when you will fall to the bottom of pain and sadness. And then, when you understand, all the pain will pass.

Therefore, let’s let people have a couple, regardless of people have new people. I calmly patted my heart. And then one day you will wake up and find your left chest burning with love. Even if the wind is still cold that day, the sky is still gray, I will not be sad or hurt anymore. That was the day when I could confidently say, “I don’t wait for you anymore. I don’t even remember looking forward to it anymore. Now, that injury has already grown into young skin, I’m just waiting for the wound to heal.”

Believe me, that day will come soon, as long as you know how to love and be honest with your own feelings.

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