Looking for the happy ‘coordinates’ of the youngest captain in Vietnam

Since officially piloting the first flight 10 years ago, captain Nguyen Quang Dat has spent most of his time sticking to the sky. Therefore, after each flight, especially long journeys, he loves the feeling of coming home. For him, this special “transit” point is not only a place to replenish and regenerate energy for himself, but also a place where he can enjoy a private life with relatives and friends comfortably and completely. best.

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Home is a unique “transit” point, helping me to nourish my energy, from which flights continue to fly.

– If you had to choose your favorite “coordinate” in the house, which position would you choose?

The living room is my favorite space in the house, where I usually spend most of my time relaxing, watching movies, even sitting comfortably at work. So, I usually take care of the furniture, don’t need much but will be “quality”, and definitely cannot lack a soft sofa.

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“An ideal living space will be a place that reflects the style of the owner” – Captain Nguyen Quang Dat shared.

– More broadly, how do you conceive of an ideal living space?

Working in the aviation industry has given me many opportunities to travel to many parts of the world, which is also the beginning of my passion for travel. At that time, instead of booking a room in a hotel, I often chose the apartments of local people to experience the local life and culture. It can be a small apartment in the city center, sometimes a very “poetic” house, hidden in the alley of a busy street of an artist.

Through the house, I can somewhat guess the personality of the owner. The selection of the layout of the rooms, the choice of paint colors and decorative items will show the unique features and personality of the homeowner, especially in the West. From experience, I think that an ideal living space would be a place that reflects the homeowner’s style.

Because of the nature of the job that requires constant travel and the need to quickly adapt to many different environments and roles, I love things that have all 3 factors: neat, multi-function (versatile) and delicate. The concept of an ideal living space is similar.

– Do you have any specific criteria when choosing a happy home?

I was fortunate to work in a field with a good income, so at the age of 25, I bought my first house. As a former homeowner myself, I usually focus on 3 factors: tasteful design, convenience and location.

I really like a house that shows the owner’s own stamp, so a house that allows me to be free and comfortable in arranging living space and arranging furniture will be a huge plus. Not only that, the living environment and integrated utility system are important factors for the healthy lifestyle that I am pursuing.

The location factor is also something that I always consider because I used to spend too much time going to work every day. In fact, the distance from home to work not only long but also frequent traffic jams was the biggest reason when I decided to sell my first house.

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“I used to waste too much time commuting to work that I could not create other values ​​in my personal and professional life,” he shared.

– So what impact did the planning of the construction of an international airport in Long Thanh, Dong Nai to relieve the pressure on Tan Son Nhat airport have on you as well as those in the aviation industry?

As an aviation person, I am extremely excited and proud to see the remarkable development of Vietnam’s economy and aviation industry, especially through the potential of the international airport. Long Thanh. With large regional connectivity and a service scale of up to 100 million passengers/year, when completed, Long Thanh international airport will not be inferior to international airports such as Suvarnabhumi (Thailand), Hong Kong or Changi (Singapore).

– Along with expanding the service scale and increasing the number of flights, Long Thanh is being oriented towards the planning of a modern, multi-utility airport city. Does this plan meet your expectations as well as those in the aviation industry?

Since I learned that Long Thanh will develop into an airport urban area, I have visited housing projects around the airport area and have the desire to own a new, larger and suitable house. more suitable for future work.

Once visiting and experiencing the living space at Gem Sky World project, my first emotion was being overwhelmed because I didn’t think that only 5km from Long Thanh International Airport there was such a large project. Big, modern. In addition, Gem Sky World is only about 30 minutes drive from Ho Chi Minh City, very convenient in case I want to move to the city.

Besides, I find that the living environment here is also very friendly and green. The central park of the Gem Sky Park project is large, equipped with many auxiliary facilities for sports or jogging activities. I also intend to one day try out all the adventure games of Adventure Forest (laughs).

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“The Adventure Forest game area reminds me of a similar adventure game area in Melbourne (Australia) or in Sentosa (Singapore), young people will love this facility at Gem Sky World” – captain Nguyen Quang Dat shared. impression sharing.

In particular, visiting the model house at Gem Sky World gives me an extremely satisfied feeling. Suggestions to arrange each smart room, giving homeowners maximum creative space, the ability to get natural light always makes the house bright and full of life. Moreover, the area used is reasonable, meeting all my expectations in each life stage, from being single, getting married or living with my parents.

In terms of 3 factors: suitable design, convenience and location, Gem Sky World has enough. It can be said that Gem Sky World is an extremely suitable project for those working in the aviation industry in particular and those working in areas that directly benefit from Long Thanh airport in general.

For more information about Gem Sky World urban area, please visit https://gemskyworld.vn

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