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My brother’s reckless escape made me regret for the rest of my life

Plastic flower”.

It’s a nickname that stuck with me all my childhood. It’s not because I’m beautiful, but because I’m so sick, my friends see me as something fragile. My parents call me Ong at home, but no one remembers that name.

I am not allowed to stay in the sun for long because I will be tired and faint. I can’t run, jump, play, or exercise vigorously. As soon as I was born, I was born prematurely, followed by all sorts of other illnesses. My parents raised me very hard, so from a young age I was aware of my health. Until the age of 10, I was always at home, rarely going far.

In stark contrast to me, Mr. Turtle is extremely healthy and energetic. We are two brothers, only 2 years apart. The Turtle’s skin was black, and I was as white as a powder. Tortoise’s hair is curly and sunburned, my hair is as soft as silk. He likes to climb trees to pick fruit, catch crickets, catch ticks, and play soccer. As for me, all year round, I only make friends with books, comic books, dolls and watch the world through the window. Seeing my brother naughty with the children in the neighborhood, I just wish I could scream loudly once…

My brother's reckless escape from home made me regret it for life - Photo 1.

When my brother and I were in middle school together, the internet started to appear. Turtles always skip school to play video games, I know, but I was threatened by my brother not to tell my dad. I also have no need to gossip, because since childhood, my brother and I did not get along. Several times he teased me and made me cry, I had trouble breathing, fainted and had to go to the emergency room. Turtles are afraid of green eyes, so they set themselves a rule that the two brothers do not fight with each other, live peacefully “river water does not violate well water”.

That said, the older the Turtle, the more gallant. Having a sick sister, Turtle is always like a “superhero”, ready to do everything to help me when my parents are away. From cooking to washing clothes to carrying clothes, he did all the heavy lifting. In return, I have to keep the story of the Turtle climbing the wall and running away from home to play games.

My parents do business, so they are often away from home. Mom will come back in the evening, and dad sometimes goes away for a week. Every time I come back, my father buys gifts for the two brothers, which makes me excited. And then Dad will check the papers, test scores, ask the bad boy to punish. Every time the Tortoise “pinches” me to remind me of a secret story, I pouted and didn’t bother.

My brother's reckless escape from home made me regret it for life - Photo 3.

Until one day, my obedience had serious consequences, causing my brother to be hospitalized.

It was the summer vacation of the year Turtle was in 9th grade, and I was in 7th grade. Turtle was so busy playing that she almost failed the exam to enter the 10th grade at a specialized school. After receiving the certificate of passing, he did not want to study anymore, just thinking about what to do with his friends. My parents still don’t know how much my brother is into electronics, even once I caught a Tortoise stealing money from his father’s pocket to go to an internet shop. But I also hate the hassle if Dad gives the Tortoise a beating, so I turn a blind eye.

That day, when the sun was hot, I saw the Tortoise sitting and tying his clothes into a rope. I asked him what he was going to do, the Tortoise smirked. “The game you can’t do, plastic girl”. Having been teased a lot, Tortoise criticized me like a flower in a glass cabinet, so the nickname “plastic” flower was born.

My brother's reckless escape from home made me regret it for life - Photo 4.

Moments later, the turtle tied one end to the railing of the 2nd floor, the other end dropped into the alley. Oh, I guess I’m going to make Spider-Man hang out here. My parents locked the gate so he couldn’t go out. He wanted to play games so much that his hands and feet were itchy. I don’t mind, turn on the fan to stay cool. But a moment later I heard a bang, like a flower pot bursting. Hastily looked down to see that the curled head was lying still, the blood began to flow out and wet the fabric!

I panicked and shouted, hurriedly ran down to call the Turtle’s name over the fence. He groaned in pain, unable to lift his leg. I rushed back up to the 2nd floor balcony. Then the most daring thing of my life happened: I grabbed the homemade Tortoise rope and fell down trembling!

At that time, I only thought about fear of my brother dying, so I had no fear at all. It’s just that my limbs are too weak, so holding the rope hurts, I have to be careful to get down little by little. Sweating to touch the Turtle, I rushed to the neighbor to call for help.

Tortoise broken leg. The aunt and uncle next door hurriedly called to tell my parents about it, and my brother and I were taken straight to the hospital. When I saw him with his eyes closed on the stretcher, I suddenly burst into tears! For the first time, I felt my heart was strangled, afraid of losing my naughty handsome brother. Then who will cover my umbrella, who will drive me to school? Who protects me on the road, who carries my things? Who carries me when the road is slippery, who cooks for me every day?…

I can’t imagine what a house without the Tortoise would be like. Every day we were together, teasing each other, I also scolded and yelled at the Tortoise. But the truth is I can’t lose you! I shouted loudly “Turtle, wake up” startling the whole hospital.

When Tortoise finished the cast and returned home, I was detained by my father. I was wrong because I didn’t tell my parents that he was addicted to games, or ran away from home to go online. Turtles also get a life lesson. That reckless hurdle left the Tortoise with a long scar on his leg. Whenever I remember that painful memory, both brothers laugh like a good harvest! phen-tim-dap-chan-run-20220610132245679.chn

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