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New technology for rapid diagnosis of dengue fever

Dengue (DHF), more precisely, viral hemorrhagic fever is an incurable disease transmitted by mosquitoes, especially midges. Currently, people have found a way to prevent disease outbreaks, but have not yet achieved the desired effect.

Recently, the scientist University of Reading UK (UoR) has collaborated with Thai experts to develop a new diagnostic kit called Cygnus kit, which helps to quickly detect dengue by matching the above application. smartphone. This new method gives better results than the existing LFT kit technique.

For comparison, the Cygnus test was 82% accurate, the LFT test 74% accurate, and the hospital lab test 83% accurate. And yet, Cygnus also allows the identification of up to 4 different dengue viruses. This new method has great potential, used in conjunction with smartphones, is both accurate and cheap to manufacture, said lead author Dr. Sarah Needs.

Cygnus is based on test strip technology, allowing users to test many different targets at the same time in a single sample, so it is a useful “universal” that can test for up to 10 diseases or more with a certain amount of time. very small blood, urine or saliva samples and can be made at home.

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