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“No one in the transport industry dares to do wrong…”

Minister Nguyen Van The answers about highway quality

Asking questions at a question-and-answer session on the afternoon of June 9 with Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The, delegate Dinh Ngoc Minh, Ca Mau delegation mentioned the quality of highways.

Delegate Minh stated: Currently, the whole country is focusing on building highway systems, striving to have about 5,000km of highways by 2030.

However, the quality of the expressway built recently revealed many problems, the road surface is rough, subsidence, many places have to put up signs to wait for subsidence. Delegates asked Minister Nguyen Van The to specify the cause and what solutions does the Ministry of Transport have for this problem in the near future?

Commander of the traffic industry:

Delegate Dinh Ngoc Minh, Ca Mau delegation questioned Minister Nguyen Van The afternoon of June 9. (Photo: QH)

Delegate Minh also said that in order to reduce the load on roads, railways in the world are a highly efficient and safe industry with lower transport costs than roads. However, Vietnam’s railways account for only 0.2% of the passenger market share, and 1.2% of the transport market share. This is a great national asset.

“Does the minister have a direction to restructure the railway industry in this period according to Resolution 12 of the central government?”, delegate Dinh Ngoc Minh asked.

Mr. Minh also said that to reduce road load, railways must be developed. But railways account for only 0.2% of the passenger market share and 1.2% of the transport market. So “how is the direction of restructuring the railway industry?”, he said.

Answering delegate Minh’s question about the quality of highways, the traffic commander said that poor quality highways often fall on low-grade roads. And high-quality road “yes, but not to the extent that any expressway project cannot guarantee quality”.

The current basic construction must be done very well, the current and upcoming highway projects will have to follow these criteria – according to Minister The.

Confirming that the inspection and inspection stages during the construction and construction of the expressway are quite strict, in addition to the traffic inspection, there is also the participation of the police and government inspectors to limit sensitive issues. .

“No one dares to do wrong in the current transportation industry. All signers weigh and measure, ensuring the provisions of the law,” Minister The affirmed.

Commander of the traffic industry:

Minister Nguyen Van The. (Photo: QH)

Regarding the railway development orientation, Minister Nguyen Van The said that the Government is assigning the Ministry of Planning and Investment to study and appraise the high-speed North-South railway project. The plan is to report to the Politburo and strive in this term to report to the National Assembly for investment policy. When there is an investment policy and an investment project is established, it will be 3-4 years before it can be deployed.

“The existing railway system will be oriented to transporting goods, connecting to ports along the sea. And the high-speed North-South railway will transport passengers to ensure smooth North-South traffic, especially on the occasion of Tet holiday”, Minister Fitness informed.

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