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Overload vehicles will be confiscated 20%

Heavy handling of vehicles with excess loads 10%, confiscation of trucks with excess loads 20%

At the question-and-answer session at the National Assembly on June 9, delegate Le Tat Hieu asked that a number of traffic works had been severely degraded, causing damage of many billions of dong. One of the reasons is due to overloaded vehicles, while the handling is mainly administrative, not criminally handled. Please advise whether the means and extent of the violation can be criminally handled when the means and seriousness of the violation are determined?

Minister Nguyen Van The Tich: Will confiscate 20% over-loaded vehicles - Photo 1.

Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The. (Photo by QH)

The traffic commander was very upset about the problem Overloaded vehicle degraded many roads.

“Some car owners go home after registration to assemble and expand the trunk. Therefore, they need to be severely and severely punished. Overloading to a certain extent must have their cars confiscated before people dare to violate them.” Mr. The stated the situation.

Follow Minister Nguyen Van Theis the responsibility of the head of the traffic industry, over the past time he has directed units of the Ministry to study Decree 100/2019 to create breakthroughs in the institutional and policy framework for traffic safety, including: overloaded vehicle problem.

“We are going in the direction of recommending strict handling of overloaded vehicles,” Mr. The revealed.

According to Minister The: “We recommend that in the future, any vehicle that exceeds the load by 10% will be severely fined.”

“If any vehicle exceeds 20%, the vehicle will be confiscated as a deterrent. We do not handle criminal actions but administrative measures to ensure deterrence and safety for traffic works”, the Minister of Transport emphasized. before the National Assembly and voters nationwide.

“Delete the highway” in the Northwest, Central Highlands and the South?

On the issue of slow, asynchronous and “white” highways in the Central Highlands, the South, and the Northwest were also mentioned by delegate Truong Trong Nghia.

Mr. Nghia asked the Minister of Transport to clarify that investment in transport infrastructure costs hundreds of billions of dollars. If it is properly allocated, it will promote it; if it is not, it will be a waste and hinder development.

Mr. The affirmed that the problem of uneven distribution of highways has been identified by the Central Government and the Government. Recently, the Government has approved the expressway planning, aiming to build 5,000km of expressway to balance between regions and regions and exploit the potentials of regions.

Minister Nguyen Van The Tich: Will confiscate the truck with an excess of 20% - Photo 2.

Member of the National Assembly Truong Trong Nghia. (Photo by QH)

For example, the Belt 3 project in Ho Chi Minh City and the Ring 4 project in Hanoi are spaces for the development of big cities and economic centers, so public investment is determined to complete.

The Mekong Delta region is always reflected in the weak expressway system, which makes it difficult to attract investment. Therefore, the Ministry has advised to build the Chau Doc – Can Tho – Tran De expressway to connect the gateway routes to the Mekong Delta and create an international transport connection with Cambodia, in order to create a breakthrough for the Mekong Delta region. by the Mekong River.

Bien Hoa – Vung Tau project is a lifeline expressway for the whole Southeast route, without this highway, goods will not be able to arrive at Cai Mep – Thi Vai port.

According to Mr. The, National Highway 51 is currently overloaded, so this project should be invested in the form of public investment to be completed soon. Or build a highway from the Central Highlands to South Van Phong to develop this area in the direction of industry…

In summary, according to the commander of the transport sector, the planning and plans of the Party and the State, a number of regions have potential strengths and need to invest in highways to create breakthroughs and attract investment; or well-developed areas, congested infrastructure also “needs further investment”.

“Traffic workers are very happy because this term the National Assembly and the Government have given great support to key national transport projects,” Minister The said.

Mr. The also hoped that with the current development plan of expressways, after this term, the mismatch between the expressways between regions would be overcome.

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