Overloaded truck drivers find ways to avoid being checked

To evade the authorities, many garages arrange people to follow the group to warn from afar, when caught, they do not cooperate.

At 1 p.m. on June 9, a group of 5 traffic inspectors from the Department of Transport of Hoa Binh province rode on two mobile patrol cars on Ho Chi Minh road, the section through Luong Son district with a length of about 15 km. This stretch of road has more than 20 quarries being exploited, becoming a hot spot for overloaded vehicles in Hoa Binh.

After going about 5 km, the patrol team encountered a truck that had just come out of the mine, but immediately this truck reversed back to the parking lot and stopped moving. Drivers who have taken advantage of the regulations that the car is parked in the parking lot and have not yet joined the traffic will not be penalized. Also from this time, behind the two patrol cars, there are always 3-5 cars following.

A traffic inspector said that these are “pig birds”, always following when there is an inspection team to warn the trucks to avoid. “There are times when more than 20 cars pig bird Following us or standing at a fork or crossroads makes it difficult to detect and sanction violations,” the official said.

Pig car (left corner) always follows the car of the traffic patrol.  Photo: Gia Chinh

The car “pig bird” (left corner) always follows the car of the traffic patrol team. Image: Gia Chinh

After more than an hour, the patrol team did not detect any vehicle showing signs of violation. The section of Ho Chi Minh road through Luong Son district has no trucks, different from the number of cars in the previous days. At the quarries, there are dozens of cars full of materials standing motionless.

The patrol team changed direction, let officers down and stood scattered along the route. Near 3pm, an officer discovered and stopped a truck of more than 40 tons carrying sandstone. The driver got off the bus but did not cooperate, constantly calling to “ask for advice from the company”.

Inspectors notify patrol groups gathered to handle violations. After more than an hour of persuasion, the driver agreed to take the car to an empty lot more than a kilometer from the original location to facilitate handling and avoid traffic accidents.

The patrol team measured the size of the tank, the result was 150 cm, 22 cm higher than the parameter stated in the inspection certificate. The driver said that he only hires drivers, the company delivers the car like this.

Authorities check the size of the truck.  Photo: Gia Chinh

Authorities check the size of the truck. Image: Gia Chinh

The functional force then made a report with the error that the size of the tank did not match the specifications in the Certificate of Inspection. With this error, the driver was fined 2.5 million dong, the management company was fined 14 million dong, and the certificate of inspection was temporarily seized. After fulfilling the financial obligations, the truck will have to be re-registered to be issued a Certificate of Inspection for circulation.

Mr. Hoang Ba Ngoc, Captain of Traffic Inspector No. 1, said that the process of sanctioning violations of overloaded and extended vehicles has faced many difficulties in the past time because drivers and car owners always find ways to avoid it. the team has only 9 inspectors in charge of 9 mountainous districts.

“Each time to sanction a violation, it takes an entire day, there is a case where the driver locks the door and leaves the car, causing us to keep watch for many days because there is no towing vehicle or parking lot,” Mr. Ngoc said and took yesterday’s example. It took all morning to fine an overloaded car with a total fault of 74 million VND.

Making a record of car violations, the afternoon of June 9.  Photo: Gia Chinh

Making a record of car violations, the afternoon of June 9. Image: Gia Chinh

Hoa Binh province is implementing a peak period of inspection and handling of overloaded vehicles, expanding the trunk. This move was made after a truck overturned and crushed a four-seat car, killing three people in Yen Thuy district on June 4.

Today, answering questions in the National Assembly, Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The said that he has directed the units of the Ministry to study and strictly handle overloaded vehicles. “Currently, the regulations for trucks exceed the load by 50-60%, we will propose to exceed 10% only. Any vehicle that exceeds the load by 10% will be severely fined; if it exceeds 20%, the vehicle will be confiscated. No criminal action will be taken. , but administrative measures must ensure deterrence and safety for traffic works,” said Mr. The.

Difficulty in fines for oversized and overloaded vehicles

Difficulty in sanctioning overloaded and extended cars. Video: Gia Chinh

Gia Chinh

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