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Phu Yen lobster cannot be exported, people stand still

Song Cau town is considered one of the lobster capitals of Phu Yen and the South Central region. Currently, many lobster farming households here face many difficulties when the shrimp are ready for sale, but no traders come to buy them.

Lobster farming is one of the occupations that bring a fairly high income for fishermen in Song Cau town, Phu Yen province. But unfortunately, many shrimp farmers face difficulties when the shrimp are sold at the time of sale, they lose value and there are no traders to buy them.

The price of lobster at the beginning of June 2022 is very low, cotton lobster only costs about 900,000 VND/kg, blue lobster costs about 600,000 VND/kg. Thus, the price decreased from 300,000 VND to 600,000 VND/kg compared to last year’s selling price.

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Shrimp farming households are sorting lobsters waiting for traders to come and buy them.

Mr. Tran Van Vuong – lobster farming household in Xuan Thinh commune, Song Cau town – impatiently said: Raising 1,000 lobsters but still can’t sell. At this price, shrimp farmers are happy to recover their capital, but do not expect to make a profit.

Mr. Pham Van Khanh (76 years old, residing in Xuan Phuong commune, Song Cau town) shared that every year, shrimp farmers in Song Cau town only have to raise, and when it comes to exporting, traders will be proactive. Contacted to buy, but this year, even though I actively contacted, no one came to buy.

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Lobster to the time of sale, no traders came to buy.

“My household has 10 children, all raising lobsters, but at the time of export, no traders came to buy them, but if they did, the quantity would be small and the price would be very low, so it would only be enough to make up for the loss. profit” – Mr. Khanh pondered.

Ms. Phan Thi Muoi (resident in Xuan Phuong commune, Song Cau town) is a small trader buying lobsters in Song Cau town. Exporting through unofficial channels because the Chinese market is closed, so it is only bought and distributed enough for the domestic market.

Talking to reporters, Mr. Lam Duy Dung – Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Song Cau town – said: Currently, lobsters are in the harvest season, but there are no traders coming to buy and sell, making it difficult for people to sell. Lobster price drop. Meanwhile, to maintain the daily feeding of shrimp, the cost is increasing day by day. Most of the lobster farming households in Song Cau town this year are at a loss.

Phu Yen fishermen have just experienced difficulties due to unseasonal rains at the end of March, it seems that this year’s lobster batch will partially compensate for the damage. However, shrimp farmers in the province are still struggling to find ways just to make up for their losses.

(According to Labor)

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