Postpone the adjustment date of gasoline prices to June 13

Confirming with VTC News on the morning of June 10, Mr. Tran Duy Dong, Director of the Domestic Market Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, said that the inter-Ministry of Industry and Trade – Finance will adjust the retail price of petrol on June 13 instead of June 13. 11/6 as usual.

Postpone the adjustment date of gasoline prices to June 13 - 1

The inter-ministerial department temporarily moved the date of gasoline price adjustment to June 13. (Photo: Cong Hieu)

Mr. Dong said that, from January 2, the petrol and oil price management period will be reduced from 15 days to 10 days, ie adjusted three times a month, on the 1st, 11th and 21st of every month. However, for operating periods that coincide with a holiday or public holiday according to the regulations of the State, the operating time is postponed to the next working day after the holiday or public holiday.

In case the prices of petroleum products have abnormal fluctuations, greatly affecting socio-economic development and people’s lives, the Ministry of Industry and Trade is responsible for reporting to the Prime Minister for consideration and decision on the operating time. petrol prices accordingly.

“Petroleum operating period on June 11, coincides with Saturday (a holiday), so according to regulations, it will be postponed to June 13”, Mr. Dong said.

Data from the Ministry of Industry and Trade shows that the retail gasoline price on the Singapore market updated to June 6 is 150.5 USD/barrel for RON92 gasoline and 157.4 USD/barrel for RON95 gasoline. This price is higher than June 1 by about 3 USD/barrel.

Similarly, the price of oils also increased by about 5 USD/barrel, currently diesel oil is priced at 170.6 USD/barrel, kerosene is 166.6 USD/barrel, and fuel oil is 636 USD/ton.

The leader of a petroleum trading company said that with the continuous increase of world oil prices, the retail price of gasoline in the country is likely to continue to be adjusted up in the next operating period.

The increase depends on the Inter-Ministry of Industry and Trade – Finance setting up and spending using the Price Stabilization Fund (BOG). But in the context that the BOG fund is exhausted, the price of finished gasoline on the world market continues to increase, the retail gasoline price in the country may increase by 800-1,000 VND/liter, while the oil price will increase more.

“Due to the continuous increase in world oil prices, domestic retail prices of gasoline and oil were forced to increase accordingly. In this context, in order to “cool down” gasoline prices, there is only way to reduce taxes and fees. business leaders said.

In the previous operating period, the Inter-Ministry of Industry, Trade and Finance increased the price of E5 RON92 gasoline by 602 VND/liter, sold 30,235 VND/liter; RON95 gasoline increased by 921 VND/liter, sold at no higher than 31,578 VND/liter.

Prices of oil products have increased. Kerosene is 25,340 VND per liter, an increase of 940 VND. Diesel oil increased to 26,390 VND per liter, up 840 VND. Fuel oil is 20,900 VND per kg, an increase of 310 VND.

This is the 5th price increase since April 21 up to now. In total, the price of RON95 gasoline increased by 4,260 VND per liter, E5 RON92 also increased by 3,760 VND per liter.


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