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Preparing for the wedding ceremony, the groom’s ex-lover rushed to destroy the marriage school

Perhaps the biggest nightmare for couples is not being able to smoothly organize a wedding. In addition to family-related problems, sometimes a wedding becomes chaotic because of interference from an ex-lover. bride or the groom.

Recently, Ettoday newspaper reported on a wedding that took place at the end of May 2022 in Shaanxi (China).

Accordingly, the famous couple on Chinese social networks got married.

This couple is very famous on a social networking platform in this country and was named “The most beautiful couple on the construction site” when making all the clips related to the construction site – where they work. Their account “Master Liu and his wife” has 10 million followers and many loyal fans.

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The famous couple on the internet is about to get married.

Master Liu married Chu Xia, the girlfriend with whom he built his reputation. It is known that the couple has a son together, but due to many problems, they can only hold a wedding ceremony.

Because of their attachment to the construction site, they chose to do the ceremony there with the participation of many workers who helped the couple in the process of making the clips. On the day of the wedding, the groom came early to take care of the decoration. The guests were also present in turn, the parents of the boy’s family also came. When the bride arrived and was about to celebrate the wedding, another girl in a white dress rushed in and disrupted the wedding hall.

She broke down the aisle, even knocking over the seats of the guests. Just making a riot, this girl also declared: “Want to get married? With me here, don’t get married”.

Preparing to hold a wedding ceremony, the groom's ex-lover rushed to destroy the wedding hall, declaring it straight to not get married!  - Photo 2.

Many people rushed to stop, but this girl refused to stay. A meticulously decorated wedding was ruined by the mad girl.

Witnessing this scene, the groom and a few friends approached to prevent the young girl’s riotous action.

According to sources from insiders, the girl causing trouble is the ex-girlfriend of the groom a few years ago. The day before, she and Master Liu had decided to get married. However, because the bride’s family requested a lot of dowry, Master Luu was still struggling that day, worried about not being able to pay the dowry, so he decided to break up.

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Young girl smashing everything.

After a few years, Master Liu had a new lover, had a son, and at the same time became famous on social networks, earning a lot of money.

His ex-girlfriend was completely oblivious to him. Until recently, the girl through a friend learned that her near-groom is about to get married. Moreover, he is currently very successful, has a big house, and a luxury car thanks to being famous on the internet. Their wedding was also special and attracted everyone’s attention.

Therefore, she took a taxi to rush to the venue to riot. It is known that the girl’s purpose is to make a fuss, ruin the wedding and claim the divorce fee a few years ago. Some friends of Master Liu, who knew about the past, had to come forward to relieve the siege and give the girl their best advice.

Preparing to hold a wedding ceremony, the groom's ex-lover rushed to destroy the wedding venue, declaring it straight to not get married!  - Photo 4.

The couple made a clip talking about the above incident.

After the incident became controversial and noisy on social networks, Master Luu also made clips with his wife to explain the incident to everyone. He just said it was a family matter. His current fortune was earned by him and his legal wife. The identity of the ex-girlfriend is not mentioned. In short, he is currently focusing on his life and his wife and children, and the matter related to his former love is in the past.

Whatever you say, the love story is in the past, so don’t affect the present. Love and relationships once ended, should be completely stopped, the act of running to “cheat” like the girl in the story really deserves condemnation.

Who is right and who is wrong, only the people involved will understand. But running to destroy the wedding of the boyfriend who broke up a few years ago is impossible to understand.

According to Ettoday not-for-ket-hon-2022061011453532.chn

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