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Recalling tires made nearly 20 years ago

AmericaTire company Goodyear had to recall 173,000 tires under pressure from regulators in the North American country, even though the product was 19 years old.

On June 7, Goodyear said it may recall 173,000 G159 tires for RVs because of the risk of tire wear and after US safety regulators required the company to replace the product. An RV is a refurbished vehicle that usually has a living space, or a vehicle towed a habitable trailer.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) opened a preliminary investigation in 2017 to examine the arguments made in a lawsuit that some tires were at fault in causing the mobile home to crash. to casualties.

A sample of Goodyear tires mounted on an RV.  Photo: Love Your RV

A sample of Goodyear tires mounted on an RV. Image: Love Your RV

In February, NHTSA asked Goodyear to recall the tires and in March, the company refused. But now Goodyear says it is agreeing to the recall “to allay concerns that some of these tires are still on the market or in use”.

In its June 7 announcement, Goodyear argued there was “no safety defect” with the recalled tires, and said there were few tires of this type still on the road. The company said it may recall the 2003 tyres, “to address the potential risk of tires being used in under-inflated or overloaded conditions” in RVs.

NHTSA urged vehicle owners to ensure that the tires subject to the recall are not used by them. The agency also said it has received 10 customer complaints alleging damage to Goodyear G159 tires in RVs, with two related to accidents.

In a February letter published on June 7, NHTSA cited the G159 tire defect as “at the center of 41 lawsuits related to 98 casualty cases filed in court between 1999 and 2016. .

According to NHTSA, Goodyear appears to have been aware of the safety problem since 2002 when the tires were still in production but did not recall.

When recalled, Goodyear dealers will remove the G159 tires installed on RV models and replace them free of charge with new Goodyear G670 tires of the same size. The company will also give car owners a 60 USD voucher to use when they need to weigh their car professionally. For unused tires returned by the customer, Goodyear will refund $500.

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