Should I cut my hair before taking the exam?

The concept of cutting hair before taking the exam was passed down by grandparents to their descendants, trusted by many people to follow until now.

His father used to say “the tooth and the hair are the corner of a person”. This proves that hair is a very important part of the human body, so you should not arbitrarily do anything with your hair or you will have bad luck.

Currently, many people are preparing for exams that are important and decisive for their future.

As the exam day approaches, the pressure builds up even more, making them feel more confused about what they need to do before the test day other than studying. Hearing about hair, many people do not ask themselves the question that: “Should I cut my hair before the exam?”

Why should you not cut your hair before taking the exam to avoid bad luck?-1

According to the folk beliefs of our grandparents, cutting hair before the exam is the most important thing taboo, it will reduce the knowledge in the head, cut off the luck and the words will also go away. So before taking the exam, our grandparents and parents all told our children not to touch the cutlery to the hair.

People believe that cutting your hair will “lose your words”, cutting your hair too close to the exam date will cause the knowledge you have acquired to slip out and when you take the exam, you will not do well in the test.

Anyway, we Vietnamese people for generations still have a lot of people who believe and follow, cutting hair a few days late will not affect much, instead we will have peace of mind.

Why should you not cut your hair before taking the exam to avoid bad luck?-2

It can be confirmed scientifically that cutting your hair before the exam day does not affect the knowledge you have prepared for yourself as well as the exam results. Whether you do well on the test or not depends on what you have studied, your spirit and ability.

Because in fact, there are many people who even cut their hair the day before, but still can pass the exam the next day because they have enough knowledge to achieve such results.

In general, the decision is entirely up to you, if you feel that you have studied enough but do not feel secure, then just postpone the haircut for a few days after the exam, so you will be more comfortable and confident. .

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