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Showing off her husband’s “power in bed” to her best friend, losing her husband-Young friend

Friday, June 10, 2022 00:10 AM (GMT+7)

The harmful gossiping habit of sisters sometimes brings unexpected results.

Show off "the strength of the bed"  of her husband with her best friend, losing her husband - 1

This is really an expensive lesson for women who like to “chat” with their best friends and brag about their husband’s strength and weakness in the bedroom. (Illustrated image)

Situations that seem to only happen in movies or stories like that actually happen in real life. A woman who lost her husband just because while chatting with friends accidentally “showed off” about her husband’s bed ability.

According to Standardmedia, the poor woman who is also to blame is Zadziso Mauro who lives in a village in Zimbabwe.

Mauro has bragged to friends that her husband has the longest penis in the country and he’s doing amazing sex. And yet, this woman continues to advise you on how to make your husband/boyfriend have the same talent as her husband.

The incident made one of the girls very curious. A girl named Agnes approached Mauro’s husband and then seduced him.

Unfortunately, however, Agnes’ bedroom meeting with Mauro’s husband failed because of his arrest in battle. In a fit of rage, Mauro collected all the clothes of her husband and friends and gave them to the village head.

Then Zadziso sued the local court for the unacceptable behavior of her husband. Zadziso accused her husband of embarrassing and demeaning her in the village by sleeping with her friend. Despite the clear evidence, her husband Ezekiel Chinjeke still denied the allegation.

As for her friend who stole her husband, Agnes blamed Zadziso for stimulating her curiosity after showing off her husband. Besides, Agnes is also angry because Zadziso advised her to leave her husband and find another stronger man.

Agnes said: “I was very angry after Zadziso kept bragging that her husband did a good job in bed. She even jumped up and advised me to divorce him and find a husband like her. Because. So I secretly went to see Ezekiel and told him everything and he agreed to have an affair with me.”

5 stories family Don’t tell anyone lest you regret it

1. Room story

Husband and wife sex is a private matter, not everyone can tell. What is the possibility of her husband’s sex, you should keep it to yourself, don’t tell a third person.

You should remember that people can’t help your bed problem, only you can solve it yourself. So don’t be foolish to bring home affairs, they will laugh at you for being unattractive and unwise. There is something that the couple close the door to each other and then find a way to solve it.

“Sex life is really private and a lot of people aren’t honest about it,” says Irina Firstein, a marriage and psychotherapist based in New York, USA.

2. When your husband’s family makes you angry

Everyone seems to have a bit of a conflict with their mother or sister-in-law, but according to Firstein, you should try to control it before you go and talk about this with others. You would not have anticipated how hurtful or angry these words in your husband’s ears could make him because usually everyone wants to protect their loved ones.

Sure, you’ll feel somewhat relieved when you say it, but the comments from friends are personal and drawn from their own experiences. They don’t understand your problems and won’t help you with your problems, so it’s safer not to tell. Instead, relax, maybe exercise to de-stress, and talk to your husband to find a solution after you’ve had time to think things through.

Show off "the strength of the bed"  of her husband with her best friend, lost her husband - 2


3. Money is the most taboo thing

No matter how close you are, don’t tell your financial problems to avoid borrowing or someone will talk about bad things about you and your wife.

It’s best not to talk about money with anyone. Maybe he will listen, but then he will stab you in the back, say bad things about you. Besides, there are many things that happen from this problem such as your husband’s finances are small, people will say your husband is useless, men do not earn much money.

And when your finances are too much, people will ask to borrow. You should remember to lend money to friends, lose money, lose friends. So, when we meet to chat about a few things, don’t talk about our family in depth.

4. Never tell outsiders how bad your husband is

In marriage, it is common for couples to quarrel. However, many people do not understand this. In a moment or a certain period of time, you feel tired, depressed, so you should confide in outsiders that your husband is very bad.

This type of behavior needs to stop immediately. Because it will affect the feelings between you and your wife, it will make outsiders feel that your husband does not appreciate his woman. That will allow those who intend to break Family happiness you take advantage of that.

5. When husband reveals his sexual fantasies

Most of us have deep-seated fantasies. As a wife, you should cherish that trust of your husband and keep this information private. You may want to tell him over and over again, especially if the secret is shocking to you or you just don’t know how to tell your husband that you don’t want to make his wish come true.

But try to resist that urge. How would you feel if your husband told his friends about your secret desires? If you need to talk to someone, see a sex therapist.

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