Sony Announces Full Upgrade of The Last of Us Part 1, Coming to BOTH PS5 and PC

Event Summer Game Fest 2022 announced many exciting titles, promising a period of many things to play for the entire gaming community. However, eager eyes will still be on the big blockbusters from famous developers.

Last night in Vietnam time, developer Naughty Dog officially confirmed The Last of Us Part 1 is being redeveloped for the PlayStation 5. The first trailer shows off new, detailed and more vivid graphics than many sessions. The old version is now 9 years old.

Also in the trailer, viewers receive two more scoops at the same time.

Trailer announced The Last of Us Part I.

Firstly, we have the official launch date of The Last of Us Part 1. On September 2 of this year, TLoU 1 will land on the PS5 platform.

The second scoop to cheer PC gamers up: Naughty Dog is in development for TLoU 1 for the desktop. However, publisher Sony has not announced an official launch date for the PC version of TLoU 1.

Here are some pictures comparing the graphics between the old and new versions of the game.

And not only upgraded graphics, developer Naughty Dog promises much more. “We’ve integrated modern gameplay mechanics, improved controls, and expanded approaches for people with physical disabilities, so this single-player experience can reach even more gamers. Effects, map exploration, combat mechanics have all been improved“, post blog of Naughty Dog affirms.

The TLoU 1 remake will include both the main game and the Left Behind DLC. Sony also announced several game packs, with the default version costing $69.99, the $10 more expensive upgrade unlocking some special in-game items.

The highest version called Firefly will carry a $99.99 price tag, more specifically with a display case and four comic books. Players can only order the Firefly version on website official.

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