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Spread the message “Dong” with hot dance on TikTok

From the meaningful community inspiration, the campaign “With one heart to shine, to shine in Vietnam” is continued to spread with hundreds of dancers from professional to amateur through the dance contest “Dong Dance Challenge” – Light up the spirit, dance with LG. As soon as it was launched on May 30, the contest was enthusiastically responded by TikTokers, the dance modified from the MV “Dong” performed by Singer Min quickly “covered” and created a new trend. can not be ignored.

Light up the spirit, dance with LG: Spread the message

A dance competition has just “landed” on the TikTok platform, making the young community more vibrant.

Sharing about the “Dong” MV as well as the new challenge from LG, Ngoc Huong (Student, HCMC) said: “I’ve been hooked since the MV just came out because I’m a big fan of Min and G.Ducky. I personally feel that the MV ‘Dong’ was released at the right time, when all Vietnamese people, especially sports lovers like me, spend 100% of their energy watching each match of the 31st SEA Games. ‘Dong’ reminds us of the strength of solidarity, of will and determination, reminds us that thanks to consensus, all difficulties can be overcome…just like the way that Viet Our South marked on the regional sports map.”

Like Ngoc Huong, many other young people were inspired by the strong and determined lyrics from the “Dong” MV and quickly joined the “Dong Dance Challenge” on TikTok. The interesting thing about this challenge must be the limitless creative way of the Vietnamese TikToker community. From the moments of touching each other to find the “button in the heart” to a chain of inspirational dances was born that is nothing like the original, but this increases the novelty and excitement that makes more and more people want to participate more.

Light up the spirit, dance with LG: Spread the message

It is because of the creative inspiration of each other dancer that contributes to creating a “Dance Dance Challenge” with unprecedented charm.

Light up the spirit, dance with LG: Spread the message

Elderly people, young people… and even children are excited to participate in dance creation.

With the moment of hand in hand, the message of one heart, one heart is transmitted in a powerful and inspirational way. Whether prompted by familiar images such as colleagues overcoming the “deadline” obstacle together, teammates wearing the same color flags… or teammates catching trends on TikTok, the word “dong” has also demonstrated to us its pervasive power.

Light up the spirit, dance with LG: Spread the message

Which coin is more precious than the coin…that’s the trend companion!

Of course, when it comes to interesting competitions, it is impossible to ignore interesting prizes. It can be said that “Dance Dance Challenge” is one of the competitions held on the social platform with extremely attractive prizes, including the top “technological products” under the LG brand. You can refer to:

– 01 Special Prize: 01 LG StandbyME multitasking entertainment device worth VND 29.9 million for the valid player with the highest number of TikTok video views.

– 01 First Prize and 01 Second Prize: Each stage 01 new generation black LG PuriCare air filter mask worth VND 4,300,000/piece for valid players and has the 2nd and 3rd highest TikTok views.

– 10 Impressive Prizes: 10 Urbox E-vouchers worth 200,000VND/E-voucher for 10 valid players with the next highest number of TikTok video views.

Join your friends and family now in the “Dance Dance Challenge” for a chance to receive the hottest gifts this summer. The contest takes place from May 30, 2022 to 8:00 p.m. June 14, 2022. Access [LINK] Learn more about the contest rules!

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