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Staying at my sister-in-law’s house for a week, I have to admire and proactively apologize to her

Last week, because of work, I came to stay at my sister-in-law’s house. It was only then that I understood and admired her.

My brother is the “big-headed but childish” type of man. Perhaps because he was pampered by my parents since he was a child, he is very lazy and weak, only asking. In the past, he “spoiled” his parents, now he “spoiled” his wife.

Almost everything in the house is done by my sister-in-law. When I get home from work, the first question my brother asks will be: “What are you eating today, wife?” After that, he will go to the neighbor’s house to play chess, play games or go for a walk. My sister-in-law will cook, clean the house, bathe and feed the children. Sister-in-law finished cooking, put it on a tray and called her husband to return. My brother criticized him for this and that dish. I snapped, told him not to be too much, then he just stopped.

I angrily asked why she didn’t ask her husband to share the housework. The miserable sister-in-law said she had thought about it divorce story already. Because she asked, he did it, but then it was messy, she had to work hard to clean it up. Well, let me make it quick. As for him to feed the child, he could take a few spoonfuls and “slap” the boy’s butt. She feels sorry for her children, so she doesn’t ask her husband anymore.

Then everything in the house needs a man’s decision, and it’s up to her to decide. Buying a car, buying a TV, calling a repairman for a computer, a refrigerator… or sending your children to school, any teacher… are all on her own. You don’t need to know. Only give his wife 10 million a month to complete the task.

“The money owed to the bank when he built the house was still there, but now he wants to buy the land. She also tries to bear the burden, turning the money for him to invest. But without knowledge, he was deceived, now the land cannot be sold. Debt. Due to heavy debt, my mind is always tense like a lute. The youngest aunt sympathizes with her. These days, thanks to the youngest sister helping with the housework, I have also had less trouble. Thank you, maknae.” Sister-in-law said with tears in her eyes.

I hugged my sister-in-law, choking with sympathy for her. If it were me, standing in her position, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be strong enough like her. What should I do to help my sister-in-law? Should I have a family meeting so that my parents can teach my brother about his rights and obligations as a husband and father?


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