Steel shield helps Vietnam overcome Saudi Arabia?


Quan Van Chuan, or shorter with just one word, is the goalkeeper causing a “storm” in the hearts of Vietnamese fans. The mature goalkeeper from Hanoi FC originally only played a backup role for Nguyen Van Toan in U23 Vietnam, throughout the friendly matches against Korea U20, or the 31st SEA Games.

But an unexpected opportunity came to Chuan when Van Toan made a mistake in the top match of Group C, the AFC U23 Championship against Thailand. Van Toan had a situation where he caught the wrong ball, causing the home team to concede a goal and hurt himself, unable to continue playing.

  The unexpected hero of coach Gong Oh-kyun: Steel shield helps Vietnam overcome Saudi Arabia?  - Photo 1.

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As soon as he entered the field on June 2, Chuan immediately made a strong impression on the NHM. This young goalkeeper has very solid catching situations, quick reflexes, reasonable entry and exit, and smooth coordination with the defenders. It is almost rare to see the error of Quan Van Chuan.

What is even more encouraging is that Chuan maintained that excellent performance in the next two matches, especially when U23 Vietnam clashed with U23 Korea on June 5. The opponent is the champion of the tournament, how powerful is it, you can hear the name. The pressure on Quan Van Chuan’s goal is great.

But before South Korea U23, Chuan was very solid, making a great contribution to helping the home team draw 1-1. This is also a key result so that later on, we have tickets to the quarterfinals.

Many opinions say that situations where Van Chuan blocks the Korean striker’s narrow shot, or refuses Eom Jin-sung’s second-line finish, is like scoring for the home team.

  The unexpected hero of coach Gong Oh-kyun: Steel shield helps Vietnam overcome Saudi Arabia?  - Photo 2.

Continuously shining, the name Quan Van Chuan captivated Vietnamese fans. On television, the editors constantly praised Standard, and jokingly said, “Standard caught it too well”. On MXH, it goes without saying that there are many compliments towards the young goalkeeper.

From being just a backup factor for Van Toan, now it is difficult for anyone to take Van Chuan’s place in U23 Vietnam.

Opportunities for reserve goalkeepers are not many, because that is the position the coaches want the most stability. But Quan Van Chuan made good use of it when the opportunity came to him. He not only replaced the round but even became the Hero of U23 Vietnam in the prestigious Asian playground.


Quan Van Chuan is very… Standard and very happy for Vietnamese football, when we have another potential goalkeeper.

Sharing with us, goalkeeping coach of Hanoi FC, in charge of the U19 and U21 levels, Mr. Le Quang Kien – who has trained Quan Van Chuan for many years, praised his beloved pupil but did not forget to remind him. more:

“Last time, when I got into the field, I felt more mature and brave. Of course, the deeper I went, the more I needed to improve the situations of passing the ball, or getting in and out needed more certainty.”

Regarding the fact that Quan Van Chuan has been praised a lot in recent days, coach Le Quang Kien also said that he often reminds his students to focus on the game, avoid flying and losing focus:

“Sometimes I still text Quan Van Chuan, reminding him of what the media writes about me, I try to listen and have fun that day, there’s no need to focus all on the match, don’t ignore it.”

  The unexpected hero of coach Gong Oh-kyun: Steel shield helps Vietnam overcome Saudi Arabia?  - Photo 3.

“Standard is always an exemplary younger brother who practices hard. In real life, Chuan is very sociable with friends of the same age or with other brothers” – Coach Le Quang Kien shared (Photo: Khanh An) .

At 23:00 on June 12, U23 Vietnam will face U23 Saudi Arabia in the quarterfinals of U23 Asia. This is a particularly difficult match, when the opponent is very strong and is a direct confrontation. Of course, U23 Saudi Arabia will do everything possible to win us. That match, the pressure on Quan Van Chuan will certainly be great.

Coach Le Van Kien said that although he cannot be with his students, he will try his best to support and impart experience:

“Next match Vietnam U23 we will meet Saudi Arabia, I will also text Chuan. I want to pass on to Chuan what is my most experience, to improve him more. Your team can form very well. good, so he will definitely play the ball. Therefore, the situation of getting in and out of Standard needs to be very tight. When combining with teammates, he must do it well.”

  The unexpected hero of coach Gong Oh-kyun: Steel shield helps Vietnam overcome Saudi Arabia?  - Photo 4.

Goalkeeper coach Le Van Kien of Hanoi FC (second from left) is the man who has led Quan Van Chuan for many years.

Also according to the goalkeeping coach of Hanoi FC, it is likely that Standard will be the key to helping U23 Vietnam overcome U23 Saudi Arabia, when we pull the opponent to the penalty shootout “brain balance”.

“This Vietnamese U23 group has a very good defense, from goalkeepers to defenders and midfielders. They are also stable. To talk about our ability to continue, in football it is very difficult to predict. depends on luck too.

If we can drag the opponent to the penalty shootout, we don’t know who is better. You need to try, if you can’t win, you need to hold a draw. It’s also an excellent goalkeeper to catch 11m!”.

Former goalkeeper and coach Duong Hong Son (currently leading Phu Tho Club) praised Quan Van Chuan for his ability to catch the ball well and impressive reflexes. In particular, on Thanh Nien, he praised Chuan’s ability to play feet:

“Van Chuan has the qualities of a modern goalkeeper. The first is to play with his feet as a central defender. Goalkeepers in the world are now required to play a lot of feet, master the space of the penalty area well. .

Van Chuan has all the favorable factors: bodybuilding, agility, composure and the ability to play feet. If you meet an opponent that presses high and the goalkeeper plays well with his feet, it is very beneficial for the home team.” htm

According to Doan Du

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