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Summer vacation full of sunshine and sea breeze at Holiday Inn Resort Ho Tram

When the phoenix flowers light their first sparks in the green arches and the cicadas chirping every afternoon along the rain-soaked streets, children begin to joyfully schedule the upcoming holidays. Question: “Dad, where are we going this summer?” It will make many parents wonder.

Attracting a lot of attention and favor from families with young children recently, Holiday Inn Resort Ho Tram has just opened in early 2022 with the color and fresh breath of the sea. Located in the famous entertainment complex The Grand Ho Tram Strip and only 2 hours drive from Ho Chi Minh City, the “rookie” of IHG Group promises a busier summer than ever.

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Outdoor activities

Summer is the season when the blue sea beckons. There is nothing more wonderful than watching children play in the warm sunshine, dive freely in the clear blue water, build sand castles and have a good laugh. After struggling in the sea, the children cheered and chased at the pool. A variety of outdoor pools of different shapes and designs make them wish the days could be endless and that every season was summer. The world out there is big and fun, for the kids, it’s not as attractive as the sparkling sunlit swimming pool, the lovely swan float that hugs them tightly, the cool ice cream mom makes the The midday heat of summer seems to disappear.

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In the cool afternoon, the whole family goes for a walk on the beach, plays hide-and-seek in the maze garden or poses for some “cool” pictures at the giant chessboard and then waits for the sunset and enjoys a spectacular water music performance every day. days from six o’clock. Funny stories bring laughter. The sweet taste of happiness spread with each wave.

Indoor activities

After the outdoor games, the boys and girls will need to “cool down” with indoor entertainment activities. Kids Quarter Children’s Club is considered a childhood paradise filled with colors and innocence, where children learn new knowledge and skills, a place to meet and make friends, where there are interesting stories, gifts to bring home, wonderful experiences with family and memorable memories as luggage during childhood years.

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To increase the excitement of the games, don’t miss the Game Zone with bustling sounds, joyful flashing lights and countless entertaining games that not only fascinate children but also parents can’t deny. are from. The interesting point of Game Zone is also in the bowling alley that has just been put into operation in May, making it the center of “unique” entertainment activities in Ho Tram.

It would be remiss to ignore Beta Cinema Ho Tram which opened in April. With two prominent tones of blue and dark pink, Beta Cinema Ho Tram is considered as a unique highlight that enlivens the resort’s smooth blue picture. Going to the beach but still not missing the “hot new” movies and this can only happen at Holiday Inn Resort Ho Tram!

Parents’ relaxing days

Not as jade green as Phu Quoc beach nor long sandy beach like Da Nang beach, but Ho Tram beach still has its own character, which can attract anyone who is passionate about this intoxicating “sea” vitamin.

While children enjoy childhood pleasures, parents temporarily put aside worries and daily deadlines, opening their hearts to leisurely days lying down and relaxing under the swaying coconut trees or lulling a passionate afternoon nap in the scent of the wind. salty sea. Even more wonderful is to take advantage of this opportunity to take care of the body and refresh the spirit together at The Lotus Spa. Quiet, comfortable space, intensive treatments along with skilled hands of technicians promise to bring a completely different experience.

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Ho Tram sunset is also beautiful and romantic not inferior to any other place. The ideal place to admire this perfect picture of nature is the Fuel Sports Bar’s sea breeze terrace. A cocktail, a few snacks, a lighthearted soul in a space filled with the sound of waves and sea breezes are priceless gifts for yourself and your loved ones.

A delicious culinary journey for the whole family

In addition to fun and relaxation, the holidays here also bring the whole family a diverse and attractive culinary journey. From fresh seafood caught on the day to imported meats, the dishes served to guests are all delicious dishes prepared according to different culinary styles offering a variety of flavors and choices. .

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Wake up to a hearty breakfast buffet or eagerly await a hearty lunch at Lemongrass restaurant, indulge in mouth-watering seafood BBQs at Seaside Smoke and taste the rich flavors of a Authentic Cantonese-style dinner at Ju Bao Xuan restaurant is an exciting journey that everyone wants to experience.

Not stopping here, a series of other equally attractive culinary choices are waiting for girls and boys to explore this summer.

Staying at Ho Tram is not only fun “as rumored”, but the experiences here really make a quality vacation. Trips not only bring joy but also save memories, creating a lasting family bond. This summer, let’s meet at Holiday Inn Resort Ho Tram!

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