The 24-year-old father demanded a DNA test of his daughter and the bitter ending

Suspicious for 4 years, the man asked for a paternity test and the ending was too painful!

Many tragedies in life marriage happened just because the insider was too suspicious. Once the consequences have happened, there is no time to regret it.

According to Ettoday, a man named Tieu Chieu, 24 years old, living in Shenzhen (China) has made a big mistake in his married life.

Accordingly, Tieu Chieu felt that her daughter was not like her, so she suspected that her wife had betrayed her and that the baby was not her biological daughter.

So he asked for a DNA test. The wife was too disappointed but still agreed. In the end, the baby was indeed Tieu Chieu’s biological daughter, but the relationship between husband and wife could not be repaired.

According to the Chinese press story, the couple did not get along after the marriage, so they decided to separate. Who suspected that just separated, the wife was pregnant.

At that time, Tieu Chieu was only 20 years old. He thought that if the couple had not been together for long, it would be impossible for them to have a baby. Now the wife suddenly gives birth to a child, the child may not be her child. This suspicion persisted in Tieu Chieu for the next 4 years.

Seeing that his son was not like him, his father demanded a DNA test and regretted the ending-1
Tieu Chieu suspects that her daughter is not hers.

After that, the couple decided not to divorce but returned to live together. Because of work, Xiao Zhao lives in Shenzhen, his wife and daughter live in Wenzhou.

When he went to Wenzhou to pick up his wife, Tieu Zhao discovered that she was living in a big house. When he asked about the situation, his wife avoided him, so he thought that his wife was having an affair. Doubts flared up over the years, he assumed that the girl was unlikely to be his.

When Tieu Chieu asked for a paternity test, his mother hastily stopped him. She said that the baby is exactly like him when he was young, don’t suspect miscellaneous that won’t save the family life.

However, the suspicion reached the peak, Tieu Chieu was determined to do the act of destroying emotions, which was to ask for a DNA test.

As for the wife, after discovering she was pregnant 4 years ago, she agreed to return to build a family with her husband. She thinks that as long as two people love each other, life moves forward. Who would have thought that this husband did not make any progress, and was still suspicious all day long.

Spending in the house and raising her daughter are both heavy on her shoulders, her husband is irresponsible and does not know how to take care of the family. In the end, the husband also suspected that the daughter was not his own. This makes the wife feel depressed, exhausted.

Taking your child for a paternity test is an act that makes the relationship between the two parties irreversible.

After the results were announced, no matter how Tieu Chieu begged, the wife still decided to divorce and did not agree to mend. It can be said that doubting anything is okay, but touching children, doubting fidelity is like a blow to the relationship of both.

Therefore, with marriage, couples should be more careful in every thought and action. Never break a relationship just because of temporary anger.

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