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The female student caused a fever in the dating show because she was as beautiful as a doll

Before the decisive moment, the girl actively asked the matchmaker to press the date button, surprising everyone.

Appeared in episode 801 of the show You want to date?, girl Vu Thi Ngan (20 years old) – a student of the Faculty of Journalism, University of Social Sciences & Humanities, quickly attracted attention by her lovely and lovely appearance. Right at the introduction, she surprised the matchmaker with her real age. MC Quyen Linh had to say: “Oh my god, students come here so early?”.

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At the show, Vu Ngan was matched with Nguyen Thanh Vinh (28 years old) – an employee of a cosmetic company. I thought that a young girlfriend would be shy and timid when participating in a dating show, but the way she performed made everyone go from one surprise to another.

In addition to her doll-like beauty, Vu Ngan also impresses with her confidence and ability to speak skillfully. She even went alone to the show. Vu Ngan revealed that he was independent, working to earn money since the 9th grade, in the future, he dreams of becoming a news program editor. She also immediately performed a snippet showing off her potential voice that made “matchmaker” Ngoc Lan excited to give up the MC position.

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About the ideal boyfriend, Vu Ngan shared: “I only have one old love, but I can afford to ‘continue’ a second one. My ex was unfaithful so I always put this issue first. I also like a caring man, neatly dressed. My ideal type is actor Song Luan.”

With these criteria, the maid Quyen Linh confidently met most of Thanh Vinh. 8 years older than Vu Ngan, Thanh Vinh has almost a full career and a certain maturity, enough to protect his future lover. There are only two shortcomings that matchmakers have to complain about after hearing about it, that is, quiet and addicted to shopping. It was because of his quietness that Thanh Vinh missed a regretful 5-year love affair. Matchmaker Ngoc Lan hopes that with the opportunity at this program, Thanh Vinh will be more proactive to be able to hold his girlfriend’s hand and leave.

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Not beyond the expectations of the two MCs, Thanh Vinh was “stuck” by Vu Ngan’s sweet appearance right from the moment he met him. The guy took the initiative to give his girlfriend a gift and performed a song full of love. Unable to wait long, he asked: “The view in love His is that both must be faithful, share, love and rely on each other. No matter what happens, we’ll still be under the same roof. I see that you and I have many similar interests and offset points. Do you think you’ll give me a chance to get together?”

The thought that the age gap would make his girlfriend worried, but Vu Ngan also responded to the love of the boy’s family equally fiercely. She subtly expressed: “That’s right for me. All that you lack I will make up for all, I hope you do the same with me. I think you don’t need to go shopping to relieve your stress in the future because I will make it disappear for you. As soon as you said the first sentences, I was impressed with your warm voice. If you feel a little impressed with me, then let’s give each other a chance.”

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Since having the opportunity to be close on stage, the couple Thanh Vinh – Vu Ngan will never leave. Ignoring the confession part before the decisive moment, the girlfriend actively asked the matchmaker to press the date button, surprising everyone by the boldness of the 20-year-old girl. Looking at the happy talented couple, MC Quyen Linh and Ngoc Lan were also broken because of the successful cooperation for the young couple.

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