The male student’s ‘Mom can’t have a dream’ letter caused a fever in the online community

From birth to adulthood, everyone has been asked about dreams. But few people ask the opposite question to their parents: “What is your mother’s dream?”.

Recently, a male student posted on the social network a letter titled “Mother does not have a dream”. In the letter, the male student told about the mother “selling her face to the earth, selling her back to heaven” to raise her three children. “Young people like us always allow ourselves to have a lot of dreams, about success, about a beautiful car and house. Only having dreams is ambitious. Because of ambition, we are far from home, I’m not sure I can achieve my ambition, but one thing I know, there’s a mother at home, no dreams.” At the beginning of the letter, the male student wrote.

My mother used to be confused when she was asked about her dream. After asking for a while, she said that her dream is in her children. I hope my children grow up healthy day by day and become good people. I also have small wishes, that you can call home more often, or come back home if you have been away long enough.

The letter received tens of thousands of likes and thousands of shares and comments. Below, many people shared their emotions after reading the letter. “After reading it, I feel sorry for my mother because I have never asked her about her dreams. Everything she takes care of me little by little, every passion she always supports. I hope that my parents will be with me for real. long, to see myself succeed”, Minh Thu account commented.

“Maybe I’m not beautiful, I’m not gentle, I don’t know how to make you understand my heart, but all I want is for us to be good people.”account Ngoc Anh wrote.

Many parents also thanked the owner of the letter for understanding mothers’ hearts. “Only those who are mothers can understand everyone. When I didn’t have children, I also dreamed of big things and also pursued a career. Having children and then naturally every day I only wish for a peaceful and healthy child, then I accept everything, account Ngoc Uyen wrote.

The male student's letter 'Mother would never have a dream' caused a fever in the online community - 1

A text message between a male student and his mother.

The content of the letter caused a fever online

Young people like us always allow ourselves to have a lot of dreams, about success, about cars and beautiful houses. With a dream, there is ambition. Because of ambition, we leave home and go to the city to look for opportunities. It’s not yet possible to achieve my ambition, but one thing I do know, having a stay-at-home mother, has no dreams.

My mother, a woman for more than half of her life, could not read or write, her hands were used to planting rice, her feet were used to climbing hills to the fields. About 3 years ago, there was an illiteracy eradication class taught by teachers in the village, my mother registered to participate. Thanks to that, my mother now knows how to practice on Zalo, the day I saw her send the first messages, I was very happy. The mother’s message line may be unsigned, it may be misspelled, it may take a long time to get one, but it is really great in the hearts of the children.

I asked my mother, “What is your dream?” My mother didn’t understand the question, she didn’t seem to have heard it before, so I had to try to explain it for a while. But going around and around my mother had no answer, it was all just “hope you…” to become something. After a long time, I realized that my mother did not have a dream, her dream was in her dead children. That’s right, what a mother does with a dream.

As a mother of a child, half a life has passed with only two words of hard work. I don’t know about other mothers, but my mother really sold her face to the earth, her back to heaven. Raising my three brothers and sisters, my mother worked in the fields and cultivated fields, growing all kinds of tubers and crops all year round. My family is in the village, trading goods is difficult, sometimes I can only sell taro root and ginger root grown in the fields to pay school fees for my brothers. In the past, in the village, the man was busy drinking, so the burden of the family was 8 parts on the mother’s shoulder.

Going back and forth, half a human life has passed, the children have grown up and left their homeland to find their dreams. Only mom is left at home, she is still taking care of her family, and she still has no dreams. When we are hungry, we only want to eat, when we are full, we think about dressing well. Like the lyrics in the song “Mom’s Dream”, what Mom is busy worrying about is just how to have a full meal. Mother has no dream, because she is busy taking care of her family, she has to sacrifice everything for her children, she no longer dreams. All my mother’s dream now is for her children to grow up healthy day by day and become a good person for society.

I have no dreams, I only have children. Their dream is my dream, if they succeed, I will also achieve my dream. Children like us, let’s try harder, so that one day mom can also dream of getting something for herself. I know she doesn’t have dreams, but she also has small wishes, like the kids can call home more often, or if possible, come back home if it’s been long enough.”


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