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The old fruit that no one picked, no one bought for sale, is now a specialty of 300,000 VND/fruit, but people with money may not be able to buy it.

Wax coconut is a famous specialty of Tra Vinh land. This is a special fruit, the inside of them is strange and unique, although the output is not high, the price is extremely expensive. Compared with regular coconut, waxed coconut costs several dozen times more expensive.

In terms of appearance, observing we will see that the waxy coconut is no different from a normal coconut, but when the inside is removed, the inside will be thick, the rice is spongy, soft and flexible, not as hard as regular coconut. When enjoying, it will have a very strange taste. The water part of the coconut wax has a consistency like candle wax.

The old fruit that no one picked, no one bought, sold it, is now a specialty of 300,000 VND / fruit that people with money can't buy - 1

The intestines of coconut wax are thick, the intestines are soft and flexible, not as hard as regular coconuts

One thing that makes wax coconuts many times more expensive than regular coconuts is that this fruit is rare, picky about soil and requires a suitable environment, if planted in polluted places, coconut will not bear fruit. Moreover, the yield obtained from wax coconut trees is also very low. On average, each mature wax coconut tree gives only a few dozen fruits each year, but out of those few dozen, only 1/3 of the fruits have wax, the rest are regular coconut varieties. That’s why each room only gives 2-3 waxed coconuts, the quantity is very small, so it is not enough to supply to the market, the price is also quite expensive.

Mr. Em (in Cau Ke) shared, according to the elderly in the village, the waxy coconut variety was planted in 1924 by a Khmer monk studying abroad in Cambodia and planted in the local temple in 1924. Then, because he found it strange. so people also bring it home to plant, but each family only grows one tree for their children and grandchildren to eat, not many because traders don’t buy it.

“My family has a garden that grows regular coconuts to sell fruit. There is only one waxy coconut tree for children and grandchildren to eat. Local people also ask me to plant seeds, but this coconut variety is cheaper than regular coconut because it has not yet been grown. There is a way to get the oil just for fun, so when traders see waxy coconuts, they return it, so each family only leaves a few trees for their children and grandchildren in the cafeteria,” said Mr. Em.

The old fruit that no one picked, no one bought for sale, is now a specialty of 300,000 VND/fruit that people with money can't buy - 3

Waxed coconut is now popular with the city people, expensive prices are still sought

In recent years, waxed coconut has become an extremely famous specialty, everyone wants to once enjoy the different flavor of this coconut. In the city, there are also shops selling waxed coconuts, on social networks or e-commerce platforms many people bring waxed coconuts for sale and are very popular.

Mr. Binh Ba (who wholesales wax coconuts in Phuc Dien, Hanoi) said: “I import coconuts from my garden in Tra Vinh, but this type of coconut is picky about soil, if grown in dirty, polluted water, Coconut trees will not be able to give wax, so there are times of scarcity, the price of coconuts in the garden is 200,000 – 300,000 VND / fruit, while the price of a normal coconut room is only around 100,000 VND / box of 12 fruits.

If before, if you wanted to enjoy waxed coconut, you had to go to Tra Vinh, go to the place where the gardener placed it, now wax coconut has been directly approached to customers in need through the form of online ordering.

In addition to eating directly the copra, waxy coconut can also be processed into many extremely attractive specialties such as using the coconut part to blend in a smoothie or pickle fruit, creating a new, aromatic, fatty flavor that can be enjoyed by everyone. not get bored. On hot summer days, the coconut rice with a little sugar and condensed milk and then put in the refrigerator will be a great refreshment.

At the end of October 2021, for the first time, waxed coconuts are packed, transported by plane and exported in large quantities to Australia. The retail price of waxy coconuts in Australia is 30-35 USD/fruit (about 600,000 VND).

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