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The painting of a monk by Duong Ba Ho costs nearly 14 million USD

The painting of monk Nguyet Tuyen by Duong Ba Ho – a famous talent of the Ming Dynasty – is worth 92 million yuan ($13.7 million).

Follow The Value, Duong Ba Ho (1470-1524) left many literary and painting works of high artistic value, most of his paintings and calligraphy are currently displayed in museums. In the past 10 years, some works of Duong Ba Ho appeared on the auction market, attracting great interest from collectors. The most valuable work is Nguyet Tuyen Paintinghammered by Beijing Poly in 2017.

The drawing is more than 1.1 m long.  Photo: The Value

The drawing is more than 1.1 m long. Image: The Value

Nguyet Tuyen Painting painting monk Nguyet Tuyen, alias Tang Hao – used to be the abbot of Linh Coc pagoda (now in Nanjing city, Jiangsu province, China). The monk wore a hat, facing the lake, surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, cottages, fog, wooden bridges… Cao monk Nguyet Tuyen had a great influence on contemporary writers and politicians. .

The painting was born around 1515, when Duong Ba Ho was 45 years old and took refuge in the Buddha’s door. The work depicts the monk’s reclusive life and at the same time shows Tang Ba Ho’s indifference to officials, fame and fortune, after he experienced a series of events, seeing through the world.

Most Venerable Nguyet Tuyen in the countryside.  Photo: The Value

Most Venerable Nguyet Tuyen in the countryside. Image: The Value

Nguyet Tuyen Painting is an important work of Duong Ba Ho and is his rare ink painting to appear on the auction market. Page Artron evaluate natural drawings such as flowing water and drifting clouds, representing the painting style of Duong Ba Ho in the last period of his life.

The expensive work is also thanks to the calligraphy of two famous writers of the same time – Chuc Doan Minh and Van Trung Minh. In ancient Chinese art, Duong Ba Ho, Chuc Doan Minh, Van Trung Minh and Tu Trinh Khanh were called “The Four Great Actors of Jiangnan” for their outstanding talent.

Painted water in Nguyet Tuyen Painting.  Photo: The Value

Painted water in “Nguyen Tuyen Painting”. Image: The Value

Among the four great amateurs, stories and anecdotes about Duong Ba Ho are the most widely circulated. The artist’s life story has been on film many times, associated with richness and love, especially in the film Ba Ho Street, Thu Huong point starring Chau Tinh Tri. Follow Sohuin real life, the fate of Tang Ba Ho was tumultuous, with a lot of suffering.

42-year marriage of the star

Chau Tinh Tri paints in “Ba Ho Street, Thu Huong Point”. Video: Golden Harvest

At the age of 25, Duong Ba Ho’s parents, wife and younger sister died one by one. Thanks to the encouragement of his close friend Chuc Chi Son, Ba Ho put his heart into grinding history. But at the end of the exam, Duong Ba Ho was accused of cheating on the exam and was imprisoned. After more than a year in prison, Ba Ho was released, but his reputation was tarnished, the way to study and become a mandarin ended.

The stain of imprisonment made Duong Ba Ho turn into a different person. He fell, licentious, often went to the green house, the brothel, drank and drank. Duong Ba Ho and a few close friends – including Chuc Chi Son – pretended to be beggars, the proceeds were used to drink alcohol. The artist died in poverty.

Nghinh Xuan (follow The Value)

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