The price of land near the ring road 4 and ring 3 project has increased sharply

Speaking to the National Assembly on the morning of June 10, delegate Hoang Van Cuong (Hanoi) informed that recently, when he first heard that the National Assembly would consider and discuss the project of the 4 ring road in the Capital region and the road in Hanoi. In belt 3 of Ho Chi Minh City, the land price in this area has been active and the price has increased many times. “If there is no way to exploit this resource, this resource is very wasted“, said Mr. Cuong.

According to delegate Hoang Van Cuong, Ring Road 4 and Ring Road 3 are both expressways but are completely different from other highways, which are expressways of the belt. Therefore, when this route is formed, the neighborhoods around the road will form urban centers, commercial centers, and distribution centers. This is a huge resource for the development process in the regions, the delegate stated.

Delegate of the National Assembly: The price of land near the ring road 4 and ring 3 project increased sharply - 1

Delegate Hoang Van Cuong gave his opinion on the project of Ring Road 4 in the Capital Region and Ring Road 3 in Ho Chi Minh City (Photo: National Assembly).

Therefore, in addition to agreeing with the Government’s Report and the Commission’s examination report Economy and the opinions of many delegates about the need to build two ring roads, delegate Hoang Van Cuong emphasized that the formation of these roads will not only expand the urban development space, reduce pressure traffic force for the central cities, and at the same time create a connection in terms of development space for the whole region.

Affirming the meaning of these routes when built not only for the region but also for the circulation of goods throughout the country, these roads have been included in the development plan for the period 2010 and 2020, but due to resource constraints, it was only possible to consider it until now. Therefore, according to delegate Hoang Van Cuong, there is no reason to delay any more.

When this route is formed, the neighborhoods around the road will form urban centers, commercial centers, and distribution centers. This is a great resource for the development process in the regions. When bidding, these projects will get modern urban areas, exploit resources and avoid spontaneous development.“, delegate Cuong stated.

Therefore, according to Mr. Cuong, along with approving the policy of building this route, the Government should propose to the National Assembly a specific mechanism to exploit this resource. Accordingly, this mechanism is implemented in the manner that along with the detailed planning for the construction of ring roads, the area on both sides of the road should be planned simultaneously to form modern urban areas, urban centers and urban centers. trade centers, distribution centers, freight transshipment centers and parallel road systems and connecting road systems in the region.

Delegate Hoang Van Cuong also paid attention to the site clearance work at once, the entire land area is reserved for the development of future infrastructure works. Or about the investment method, delegates highly appreciated when Hanoi called for investors to participate in the project.

Sharing the same view, delegate Ta Dinh Thi (Hanoi) also said that it is appropriate for the National Assembly to decide on investment policy in these projects at the present time, taking advantage of the opportunities, position and power of the land. country, reducing costs, opportunities and creating breakthroughs, the pervasiveness of economic locomotives and national political and administrative headquarters, the heart of the whole country, major economic and cultural centers culture, education and training, science, technology and international integration of the whole country.

In order for the above two projects to be implemented quickly and effectively, the delegates said that it is necessary to draw lessons from previous road works in terms of planning. In addition to planning and orienting the construction corridor, it is necessary to pay special attention to and synchronize the planning work for residential urban areas, resettlement areas, landscape planning, environment, construction works. drainage, avoid pollution, loss of landscape and frequent flooding like today.

Delegates of the National Assembly: The price of land near the ring road 4, ring 3 project increased sharply - 2

Delegate Ta Dinh Thi (Photo: National Assembly).

According to delegate Thi, both of these projects are separate construction projects and site clearance projects, divided into component projects, so they should be assigned to localities to lead the implementation. accelerate the deployment process faster and more efficiently, saving time and money.

“The determination of the unit price for compensation, support and resettlement of a locality is done by that locality without establishing a common price frame for the whole project because it will cause comparison, compensation, and complaints. conditions, especially for the bordering areas between localities”. Delegates of the Analysis Exam.

Meanwhile, delegate Nguyen Anh Tri (Hanoi) said that the implementation of these projects will bring enormous direct and indirect economic benefits, as thousands of hectares of land will become more land. gold, silver land, more urban areas, many industrial parks, cultural and scientific centers, universities… So the investment to complete these two projects is very necessary and urgent. sure, effective. The National Assembly should approve it so that the two projects can soon be deployed for implementation.

Delegate Nguyen Anh Tri also noted that in the process of project implementation, it is necessary to develop the best and most advanced technical standards to ensure the road is used for about 100 years.

“It is necessary to treat the road as a kind real estate country special. This real estate is profitable directly and indirectly right on the body of the road, right next to the road and a whole belt area, even an entire country. So you have to do it really well, with quality“.

Delegates of National Assembly: The price of land near the ring road 4, ring 3 project increased sharply - 3

Delegate Nguyen Anh Tri. (Photo: Parliament)

In the Government’s proposal, the toll collection period is 21 years, the delegates consider the toll collection to be 35 years, thus reducing the cost for investors and reducing the road toll price for the people.

“A road built with quality and durability is 100 years, if the payback fee is 35, there will still be 75 more, every year just needing to be repaired and used is still very effective. Delegates hope that the Government and relevant provinces do a good job of synchronous planning of the belt area of ​​the roads to increase the effectiveness of these two important projects. delegate Nguyen Anh Tri said.

Interested in land acquisition for site clearance for project implementation, delegate Nguyen Hai Anh (Dong Thap) said that, for site clearance, the delegate expressed agreement with the Government’s proposal. about the one-time complete cross-sectional site clearance for both projects, as well as the complete site clearance with the interchange, because this option avoids complicated situations, causing instability in people’s lives when the liberation is carried out many times.

If the proposal on minimizing the recovery of lush agricultural land, the remote shores of honey fields to make highways, affecting the lives and activities of people, delegate Nguyen Hai Anh said that it is necessary to limit mechanism to recover agricultural land and remote land from people’s honey fields to build highways. The acquired agricultural land should be dredged fertile land to fill low-lying areas for people to produce and cultivate.

Delegate of the National Assembly: The price of land near the ring road 4 and ring 3 project increased sharply - 4

Delegate Nguyen Hai Anh. (Photo: Parliament).

In addition, the delegate suggested choosing a hard demarcation option such as the Hanoi – Hai Phong highway to ensure saving land use area, reducing site clearance costs, reducing costs and construction time. labour.

“There is a situation where information is leaked out, causing people to take advantage of encroaching on the coastal areas and recovery areas to build construction works, plant trees to wait for recovery and compensation.” delegate Nguyen Hai Anh said.

The Ring Road 4 – Hanoi Capital Region project has a total length of about 112.8 km (including 103.1 km of the Ring 4 road and 9.7 km of the route connecting the Noi Bai – Ha Long highway) through the city. Hanoi Street (58.2km long); Hung Yen (19.3km long); Bac Ninh (25.6km long and 9.7km connecting route).

Preliminary total investment in the investment phase (phase 1) is about VND 85,813 billion, using state budget capital and investors’ BOT capital to carry out project investment. Including: state budget 28,173 billion VND; local budget 28,193 billion dong; BOT capital is 29,447 billion VND.

Ring Road 3 – Ho Chi Minh City project has a total length of 76.34km (including Ho Chi Minh City 47.51km; Dong Nai 11.26km; Binh Duong 10.76km; Long An 6.81km).

Preliminary total investment in the investment divergence phase (phase 1) is about 75,378 billion VND, using state budget capital to implement project investment. Including: the central budget 38,741 billion VND; local budget 36,637 billion VND. It is expected that the implementation period of these two projects is from 2022-2027.


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