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The principal of the middle school is only a way to study close to the 10th grade exam date

Building a diet, circadian rhythms

According to Mr. Cuong, these days, it is necessary to pay attention to the diet, to restore the circadian rhythm in accordance with the exam time frame.

Should choose normal food, that is, do not need to add anything too much, avoid causing stomach pain, food poisoning.

In addition, students should establish a circadian rhythm.

“From this point, it is necessary to reset, study not too late, wake up early, do light sports, eat breakfast, review subjects in the same time frame as the exam. For example, the morning review of Literature and Math ranges from 8 am to 11 am (the official exam for Literature and Math will be in the morning), in the afternoon to study English from 2 pm to 5 pm (the official exam for foreign languages ​​is in the afternoon). .

In addition, students need to adapt to those hours without air conditioning, but only with electric fans to match the exam day.”

During this time, students should also not play sports that are prone to injury such as football, basketball…. Instead, be active with gentle exercises.

Mr. Nguyen Cao Cuong, Principal of Thai Thinh Secondary School, Dong Da District, Hanoi

Studying for exam days

On exam days, students should re-read the topics that the teacher has taught. For example, with Math: Reduction problem and sub-question; formula for calculating volume, cone area of ​​pier; solve problems by making equations, system of equations; first order function; quadratic function; Vietnamese system; Solve the system of equations; Geometry…

Read slowly and remember the notes on the presentation that the teacher has taught in combination with re-reading review books and textbooks.

Note the review of the formulas for the area and circumference of a circle; volume and area of ​​cones, cylinders and bridges; relationship between sides and angles in a right triangle.

In each day approaching the exam day, you should divide your time so that you can review Literature, Mathematics, Foreign Languages, and specialized subjects, do not spend too much time on one subject.

Carefully prepare documents and supplies when taking the exam

Students must bring exam papers, student ID cards or identity cards, full school supplies. Writing pens should buy about 5-6 of the same type, compasses, rulers, pencils, calculators… Especially pencils used for multiple-choice coloring, so choosing type 2B is enough, because the darker type is easier to paint. but difficult to clean. Buy 1-2 new erasers.

When going to gather and take the exam, families should assign and arrange people to take their children to prevent possible problems that students cannot solve. Note that you need to arrive at the test site on time.

Illustration: Thanh Hung

Take the essay exam

With Math, Mr. Cuong noted to students:

– It is necessary to write all information on the exam paper, not to write, draw, or write unusual symbols on the test. Such tests are not beneficial to the candidate.

– Read the topic carefully and quickly jot down ideas and notes for each sentence.

– When doing the test, choose easy sentences to do first, but often the test questions are designed in order from easy to difficult, so you can do it sequentially. If you have a difficult question, leave it at that and do other easy questions first.

– It is necessary to present the lesson carefully, without shortening, not abbreviating, there should be a conclusion about the results of each sentence. For the geometry lesson, it is necessary to carefully check that the drawing is correct with the problem (because if you draw the wrong picture, the picture will get a score of 0), the questions need to be argued closely, with reasons for proving the problem. Illustrate, draw clearly, especially the marking of points on the picture (students often write so that the grader cannot distinguish M from N; E with F; O with D …)

– Should bring a watch when taking the exam to divide the time for the sentences reasonably, should not spend more than 15 minutes on a sentence.

– If you feel too tense and nervous, pause for 1-2 minutes, breathe evenly and calm down, start slowly with the exercises that you are finding difficult.

– When there are 20 minutes left until the end of the test, students should not do the difficult questions, the last sentence of the test, but should use the remaining time to check the results of the tasks they have done on the draft independently. When in doubt that a sentence is wrong, temporarily draw it with a pencil and check it again carefully, when you are sure which option is correct, then cross out the wrong part, avoiding the case of hastily crossing it out but it is the correct part. correct.

– In situations where the question is too difficult, students should break it down into small ideas that they can, to avoid losing points for the whole question.

Take the Quiz exam

For multiple-choice exams, candidates need to fill in their personal information and carefully fill in their registration number and code.

After receiving the topic, you need to read through it once to determine the easy sentences and the sentences you can handle first. Then fill in the answers to the questions you have solved. When painting, you need to fill in the circle of the answer you choose so that it is easy to receive and error-free when marking. Then we proceed to deal with more difficult questions, trying to link knowledge from the vicinity of that question to make a good choice.

The test time is 60 minutes, so you need to make the most of it. For questions that are still in doubt, temporarily choose a certain answer and mark the question mark in the question for later checking.

Even though there is a question you don’t know, you should try your luck by marking an answer that you feel most confident in, don’t leave anything blank. In case of correcting the answer, students need to erase the old answer and re-color the new answer, do not put 2 answers in one sentence.

Stay away from social networks and newspapers during exam days

Mr. Cuong said that exchanging on social networks, looking at answers, exchanging with friends about the exam papers … does not help the test to get a higher score, but even makes the psychology of students confused and worried. anxiety, adversely affect the next exam. Therefore, after completing the exam, students should not search and discuss the answers of the exam but stay away from social networks, electronic newspapers, do not exchange with friends … need a break to focus on the subject. next exam.

“Hopefully, these shares will be of some help to you in your upcoming 10th grade review and exam in Hanoi. I wish you all the best of luck, do well in exams, get good grades, and get into your favorite high school,” said Mr. Cuong.

Parental companionship

Mr. Cuong said that every year, the target of entering public high schools only meets about 60-70% of the number of candidates.

“Thus, before each exam, we know that about 30-40% of students will not have the opportunity to enter public high schools. Therefore, students’ parents should not put a “forced pass” pressure on students. Instead, parents should cooperate with the school in assessing their child’s ability to make a judgment about threading. Parents also need to consider the option for their children to attend high school in non-public schools.

Instead of imposing “forced pass” on children, parents should be a companion to listen to difficulties, share concerns, problems …. from there, there are encouragements and orientations timely for children. Accompanying today, helps children gain confidence, turn their dreams and aspirations into reality, and helps them stand on their own feet in the future.”

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