The reason why Rolex is simply still the most attractive watch in the luxury market

Rolex is undoubtedly the most famous watch brand in the world with models like the Datejust, Submariner… or any other model that a lucky person can afford. There are 3 reasons why Rolex is voted as the top watch in the world.

Best overall

Rolex is okay Chono24 The review is simple but is the best luxury watch brand on the market. Rolex may not be the leader in individual categories, but overall, it’s a strong competitor that can’t be beaten. As a vertically integrated company, Rolex controls suppliers, distributors or retail locations to control the supply and value chain. Rolex also found a way to make its mass-produced luxury products scarce and desirable.

  The reason why Rolex, though simple, is still the most attractive watch in the luxury market - Photo 1.

Rolex watches are arguably the best on the market. Photo: Chrono24

Follow Chrono24, there have been many watch brands that have come and gone, but many have survived, however, none of these have captured the challenging dominance of Rolex. The reason for this is simple: A Rolex watch offers real value.

High reliability

Anyone who has ever owned a Rolex can speak to how reliable, powerful, and well-built they are. Sure, they may be limited in complexity but they do exactly what is described, for example if Rolex says it is capable of submerging to a depth of 3,900 meters then it is.

When it comes to innovation, consumers tend to think of large-scale changes, like the invention of the annual calendar by Patek Philippe in 1996. Rolex, however, is more about incremental innovation. Brands are constantly focused on reinventing something until it’s perfect, and then finding ways to improve it again. A good example of this is the Easylink extension system, a link that allows the wearer to increase or shorten the bracelet to within 5mm of Rolex’s patented range. It’s not flashy, but very practical and useful.

  The reason why Rolex, though simple, is still the most attractive watch in the luxury market - Photo 2.

Wherever they are, Rolex keeps prices the same. Photo: Chrono24

Rolex also has a path unlike other brands. As an example, most Rolex movements today are Superlative Chronometer certified. This is because the Swiss watch manufacturer is not satisfied with the test requirements to be certified by COSC – the Swiss Institute for Metrology Testing. Therefore, in addition to receiving COSC, Rolex also performs additional checks on its movements to meet its own standards.

Keep Value Everywhere

If you are someone who likes to stand out from the crowd, then maybe a Rolex is not for that person. However, if you are someone who values ​​design continuity and brand recognition, then Rolex is a great choice. Rolex watches are also a currency unto itself. Bought a Submariner in Rome and want to resell it in Los Angeles? That is very easy. Buyers can trust that the value of the watch they paid for won’t change by geographical location.

Speaking of prices, the majority of Rolex watches are still considered affordable, especially when considering what you get for the money. Many people who don’t like watches will take it for granted that if it’s a Rolex, it must be expensive for no reason. However, nearly every new steel watch Rolex makes (with some exceptions, of course) that is available costs less than $10,000. Overall, it’s a fair price.

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