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The storm has not stopped with Amber Heard

Losing the lawsuit against Johnny Depp is not Amber Heard’s greatest sadness. She also has to face financial difficulties and precarious career.

In distant England, when Johnny Depp was dancing to the music of John Lennon and artist Jeff Beck on many stages large and small, in the desert house of Yucca Valley, California (USA), Heard remained hidden. . She and her legal team are continuing to “conspiracy”, planning an appeal.

However, the storm has not stopped with Hollywood stars.

Exhausted finances, losing a lawsuit, having to compensate Depp for damages, friends turning away, career difficulties, audience boycott… a series of worries piled up on Amber Heard’s shoulders after more than a week of closing again defamation lawsuit with actor Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Amber Heard is almost empty-handed

Pursuing lawsuits against Johnny Depp pushed Amber Heard into financial ruin. Star Aquaman had to withdraw more than 3 million USD to pay for lawyers and many experts as witnesses at the adversarial sessions.

When losing the lawsuit, the actress was forced to pay damages to her ex-husband in the amount of 10.35 million USD. However, at this time, she cannot afford to pay the above expenses. To be safe, Heard is likely to have to declare bankruptcy.

In the interview with TodayElaine Bredehoft – Heard’s lawyer – confirmed that the actress did not pay the fine. The cause is believed to be that this amount exceeded the value of Heard’s existing assets.

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Amber Heard had a lot of financial difficulties after her lawsuit with Depp. Photo: Reuters.

According to the statistics of Celebrity Net Worth, Heard’s net worth is only about 1.5-2.5 million USD. This amount is too meager compared to the compensation that the actress has to pay for her ex-husband.

In addition, when deciding to appeal, Heard was forced to pursue for a long time and spend a lot of money. Above NBC News, experts said the actress needs to submit a mortgage for her $ 10.35 million sentence. In addition, Los Angeles-based lawyer David Ring revealed to Time, the 36-year-old star had to spend tens of thousands of dollars to pay lawyers when appealing.

The chance of winning in the appeal session is very low, and the limited money continues to be a difficult problem for Amber Heard.

Hollywood turns its back

While the door returns to the movies of Johnny Depp became wide, Heard’s path gradually narrowed.

Many entertainment experts say that Hollywood is gradually turning away from her. Because no famous producer or director dares to take the risk to invite an artist who has failed in a defamation lawsuit and is facing a strong wave of boycotts from the public.

Follow MirrorAlexandra Villa – media and crisis resolution expert – thinks that the star’s journey back to cinema is fraught with difficulties and is more remote than that of Depp.

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The audience called for a boycott of Heard. Photo: AP.

“Heard’s career is in crisis. What happens in the courts scares Hollywood filmmakers. Low-budget projects even have to consider if they invite her to participate.

Everyone should remember Hollywood studios are businesses. They will see if hiring the star is profitable or not. Heard has a mountain of difficulties to overcome.” Alexandra Villa shared.

In addition to the two movies Run Away With Me and In The Fire completed, Heard currently has no other projects. Warner Bros. also decided to remove the actress from the project Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, follow The Direct.

Above Vanity Fair, most experts entertainment Hollywood’s top leaders generally commented that Heard’s reputation returned to zero after the harsh trial. Her career also ended here.

“Not now, many years ago, Heard’s career was precarious. Times are even more difficult for her. I don’t see any optimal solution for Heard to get through this period.

The fact that the jury decided Depp won also spoke on behalf of the audience. Heard is no longer as trusted and loved as it once was.” Vanity Fair expert quotes.

In addition to movies, being invited to cooperate with brands and brands became too far away for Heard.

Previously, the beauty used to be an ambassador for the Guess brand with L’Oréal Paris and brought in a lot of revenue. However, after the lawsuit with Depp, her image became distorted and ugly, making the business unable to trust and choose the actress as the face.

The audience boycotted, friends shunned

The Heard boycott storm shows no signs of stopping after the defamation lawsuit ended a week ago.

Videos of Heard crying at hearings or being exposed by Depp’s lawyer still have tens of millions of views on social media platforms.

The actress became a victim of cyberbully (cyberbullying) with thousands of sarcastic and rude comments. Many people not only stop at insulting and mocking Heard, they also take the actress’s one-year-old daughter as a topic to entertain.

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The actress did not receive any projects during this period. Photo: AP.

Online campaign initiated on to call for a boycott of Heard from the film Aquaman 2 attracted more than 4.5 million signatures from the public. This is considered the largest online artist boycott campaign in history.

Not only the audience, many friends also turned their backs on Heart. Sources revealed on Entertainment Tonight, star Aquaman very lonely now. The actress is sad because of the people who thought they would support and testify for her but in reality they did not.

Heard’s relationship currently revolves around family members, especially his daughter Oonagh Paige at a house worth more than 1 million USD in California (USA). Heard’s lawyer and sister were the rare ones to defend her.

Whitney Henriquez – Amber Heard’s sister – shared on her personal page: “I stand with you. Yesterday, today or tomorrow, I will always be proud of you for standing up for yourself, for having testified both in Virginia and the UK, for representing the language of the world. speak of those who cannot speak the truth”.

Whitney said the recent defamation lawsuit was “an uphill battle” and that everything was set up against her sister. Amber knew that but still stood up and spoke up. The model asserts that she is proud and always stands by her sister’s side.

Bianca Butti – the actress’s ex-girlfriend – also expressed sympathy for Heard. “She’s a friend and I’m grateful to be able to do that. But one thing is that those who speak the truth should not be treated like this. My heart goes out to Heard during these difficult times.” , Butti expressed.

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