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These are the products that should not be left in the car when it is sunny

Sunny weather will cause the inside of the interior to rise abnormally, and the following applications should not be left in the car for too long.

With the temperature rising from the road surface with the influence of direct sunlight under the sun up to 39 – 40 degrees Celsius, the temperature inside the car can be up to 60 degrees Celsius or higher. At that time, many items left in the car have an increased risk of exploding and catching fire. Therefore, you should be careful when leaving the following items in the car in hot weather.

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Antiseptic solution

These days, the outdoor temperature measured on the bonnet can reach close to 50oC, and this is one of the potential risk factors for car fire if the user accidentally forgets the disinfectant solution in the car.

Disinfectant solutions contain flammable alcohol, with 70% ethanol (alcohol) a volatile, flammable substance. On sunny days, under the influence of heat from the sun, these containers can burst due to increased pressure and become extremely sensitive to a certain source of fire to cause a fire. .

In addition, you should also pay attention to the exposure to the source of fire when you have just finished washing your hands, the recent car fire case in the US is an example; The driver had just washed his hands with alcohol sanitizer, lit a cigarette, and lost the entire car as a result.

Fix: You can use plastic bottles, have a small capacity and to avoid direct sunlight, under the seat is an example.

Electronics: computers, tablets, and even phones

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Most of these devices are made of metal, which conducts heat quickly, so high temperatures will cause the electronic circuits and resistors to heat up abnormally, thereby reducing their lifespan or worse, may not be used. Okay.

Fix: In case you must leave the car, store these items in a sealed bag, backpack or bag, avoiding exposure to hot air in the car or direct sunlight from the windows.

Closed canned goods

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Closed canned goods, flammable solvents such as gas lighters, fire extinguishers, spray paints, canned/bottled soft drinks… In fact, there have been some cases of lighters or lighters. The fire extinguisher explodes when left in the car under high temperature, causing damage and anxiety to the user.

Fix: A fire extinguisher is a really necessary item for every car, but when left inside the car in the sun, make sure it’s easy to get when needed and find a place to avoid direct sunlight or temporarily put it inside. in a sealed box that you still use to store water when riding. For backup batteries for phones and fuel cells, they should be stored in a closed place, avoiding exposure to sunlight as well as absorbing heat from the air. If you don’t really need it, keep it at home for safety.

Cosmetics, food, cream…

Cosmetics, food products, creams, makeup removers, and nail/hand nail polish removers are solvents that are very volatile when exposed to hot air, which not only requires you to buy new ones on a regular basis. More dangerous is that the volatile gases easily create substances that are not good for health, especially when combined with benzene gas in the interior plastics – a toxin that can cause cancer. backup food, in this hot weather, it is best to leave the car, because the high temperature is easy to spoil the food and sometimes is not good for health when used.

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