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Tired of wife

Since falling in love and getting married until now, I rarely accept or resent my wife.

I am 29 years old, my wife is 28 years old, have two boys aged four and six months. On the contrary, his wife is very angry, she is angry when she doesn’t like something, and always proves herself right. The last time my company organized a trip, on that trip, the brothers in the company went to the bar to listen to music at about 1am and then returned.

After that trip, my wife knew and scolded me fiercely, she thought that men entering that place were evil and impolite. I explained that the whole group went together, not just going to the bar is bad, no matter how you say it, you will not accept it. I felt very tired because such a small matter also made her angry and expressed her attitude, while I patiently explained and yielded to my wife.

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In addition, my wife and I have many different points of personal preferences. Whatever my wife doesn’t like and I like, of course she gets angry. Wife always shows a very high ego. As a man, I always want for the sake of my children, how to make my family always complete, every time I argue like that, I feel very tired and want to let go. Hope everyone can advise and help troubleshoot, what should be done properly. Thank you very much.


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