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Share, Support, Subscribe us. A #song, in its broadest sense, is a single (and often distinct) #musical work typically intended to be sung by the #human #voice with distinct and fixed #pitches and patterns, using #sound and stillness and a variety of forms often involve repeating sections. #The #word “song” is widely used by people in the #pop music industry to describe any #musical composition, whether sung or just played by instruments. “Written words specially created for music, or for which music was specially created, are called song. When a pre-existing poem in classical music is set to composed music, it is an art song. – I don’t own anything. I’m just trying to make sure there are no ugly or offensive scenes in the #video song, for example by deleting or editing some of the ugliest scenes. That’s why you can watch the video with #family and #children. All credits go to the rights holders. No Copyright — Copyright Disclaimer Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 allows “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, #comment, #newsreporting, #education, #science and research. Fair use is use permitted by #copyright statutes, which could otherwise constitute an injury. Nonprofit, #educational, or personal use tipps the balance in favor of fair use. #vevo #studymusic #music #songs


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