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Ukraine ‘turns’ the volga into a heavy machine gun

Ukraine 'turns' the volga into a heavy machine gun - Photo 1.

The GAZ-24-10 model was produced in the Soviet era. Image: Wikimedia Commons

This is not the first time the Ukrainian military has taken the initiative to combine weapons with vehicles to suit tactical requirements. It is a prime example of the conversion of civilian vehicles into combat weapons in Ukraine during the war with Russia. (Watch the video below. Source: Twitter).

This sedan is a GAZ-24-10 Volga model from the Soviet era. At the rear of the vehicle is a fixed 14.5 mm KPVT heavy machine gun with a remote control module. The car is also equipped with off-road tires, additional suspension suspension, metal front bumpers, helping to move more smoothly in battlefield conditions.

The KPVT 14.5 mm is an infantry machine gun that has been in service since 1949. This model was later deemed too heavy, unsuitable for combat, and discontinued in the 1960s. KPVT machine gun later. redesigned, in a direction more suitable for anti-aircraft, anti-light armor.

This improved KPVT model is mounted on vehicles, or ground-based air defense platforms, on warships. Previously, guns were usually fixed on the BRT line of armor, killing light armored targets, moderately fortified fortifications, small ships, and low-flying aircraft.

Ukraine 'turns' the volga into a heavy machine gun - Photo 2.

Iraqi soldiers on a Dodge Ram pickup truck with a KPVT machine gun in the back. Image: Wikimedia Commons

This combination of Volga vehicles mounted with KPVT looks eye-catching, but this is not the first time such a combination has appeared. Iraqi police once mounted KPVT on the back of a Dodge Ram pickup truck when confronting elements of the Islamic State (IS) organization.

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