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VinFast Lux A2.0 promotion nearly 300 million

The Vietnamese car company continues to promote 100% of registration fees and cash discounts, up to nearly 300 million VND.

Specifically, customers when buying Lux A2.0 in June, in addition to the old programs such as 10% cash discount when buying direct payments, redeeming vouchers, customers are still given 100% of the registration fee when buying a car in June. The total reduction is as follows:

Version Listed price Price Endow
Standard 1.115 881 234
Advanced 1.206 948 258
High-class 1.358 1.074 284

(Unit: million dong)

In addition, with some customers with Vinhomes vouchers, they can simultaneously apply 2 cards with different denominations from 150-200 million VND. Put the actual sale down to less than 700 million. If customers do not buy directly, buy in installments will not receive 10% cash discount, instead interest free within one year. This is also a program maintained by VinFast since its market launch.

That is why the market for buying and selling VinFast car vouchers is very busy. A 150 million dong card is usually redeemed for 50-70 million dong, a 200 million dong card is from 80-120 million dong.

The purchase price may also fluctuate from time to time. In addition to Lux A2.0 being heavily promoted, other VinFast car models such as Fadil, Lux SA2.0 nice VF e34 also get a discount of 40-200 million VND depending on the vehicle and version.

According to dealers, the supply of Lux A is stable, the car does not have to wait or if it is only for about a week. Fadil and Lux ​​SA need a longer waiting time, usually about 10 days depending on the color of the car.

Currently, due to a lack of chips and supply of components, many automakers are in a state of scarcity, do not have enough cars for sale, prices increase or are channeled. Meanwhile, VinFast still maintains preferential price policies for many months.

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