Warning signs of liver problems, go to the doctor right away before it’s too late

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Mui – Former Deputy Director of 103 Military Hospital, Chairman of the Council for Writing a Treatment Plan for Hepatitis B, said that the liver is one of the organs with important functions in the body. The liver not only supports the digestion of food, stores energy, but also performs the function of filtering waste and toxins out of the body. Therefore, if the liver is not functioning properly, it will greatly affect the whole body.

Warning signs of liver problems, go to the doctor right away - 1

A person can recognize liver disease by the signs of jaundice, yellow eyes, fatigue, bloating, and abdominal distension. (Illustration)

There are many liver diseases such as viral hepatitis, hepatitis, fatty liver… The common feature of these diseases is that they develop silently, dangerously, but the initial symptoms are often faint and easily overlooked. If not treated promptly, over time, these liver diseases will progress to cirrhosis and liver cancer, and eventually death in a very short time.

A person can recognize liver disease through the following signs:

– Yellow skin, yellow eyes

– Tired

– Anorexia, flatulence, abdominal distension

– Digestive disorders, dark urine,

– Right lower quadrant pain

– Appearance of bruises or star spots on the skin…

Regime nutrition for liver disease

In patients with hepatitis B virus infection, in addition to taking drugs, patients need to have a balanced diet and activity plan to help slow down the progression of the disease from chronic hepatitis to cirrhosis.

Accordingly, patients need to balance between foods and ingredients such as sugar, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, …

Patients need to eat enough, balance nutrients, should not be too fast to maintain health, help restore good liver function. In addition, it is necessary to avoid alcohol, tobacco, harmful additives, synthetic colors, food preservatives; Do not use grilled foods, fried foods with a lot of fat, animal organs.

In addition, caution should be exercised when using medicinal chemicals. It is best to follow the doctor’s instructions. The patient does not do physical or mental labor; enhanced rest, mental relaxation; Exercise moderate sports such as walking, nursing, yoga, tai chi, swimming…


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