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“What crab can run but can’t eat?”

Usually when referring to crabs, people often think of a seafood with high nutritional value, caught in the sea. Crab is the favorite food of many people. But in the show Fast like lightning appeared a very strange type of crab. According to the puzzle prompt, the type of crab is described as follows:

“What crab can run but can’t eat?”.

Vietnamese quiz:

Source: Lightning fast.

This is a word puzzle, requiring players to have creative thinking, quick reactions and rich association. If you only reason in one direction, it will be difficult to find the right answer. In this question, the program used homonyms with different meanings to play with words.

After thinking for a while, the player did not come up with an answer. The audience present in the studio was also… given up on the difficulty of the puzzle. I don’t understand what kind of crab “can’t eat” but “can run”?

If you do not have the answer, you can refer to the program’s answer: CRAB TRAILERS.

Courre is the Vietnamese transliteration of the French word: Coureur. Curry means cyclist. This is exactly the type of crab “can run but can’t eat”. After hearing the answer, everyone had to laugh because the word play was so interesting.

Vietnamese quiz:

Curry means cyclist. (Illustrated image)

For those who don’t know, cycling involves competitive physical activity with the vehicle being a bicycle. Cyclists, also known as cyclists, will participate in many forms of racing such as: Road bicycle racing, mountain bike racing, art riding, concave bicycle racing, etc. International (UCI) is the governing body for cycling events and international events.

Cycling is recognized as an Olympic sport. Cycling races are watched by many people around the world, especially in Europe. Countries with strong cycling background such as: Denmark, Belgium, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, …

Cycling is a sport that always attracts a lot of attention thanks to its fierce competition and breathtakingly dramatic races. So racers have many fans, are always warmly welcomed. Top 5 famous racers in the world include: Christopher Froome (England), Alberto Contador (Spain), Vincenzo Nibali (Italy), Bradley Wiggins (England), Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland).

Thus, we both solve puzzles and gain useful knowledge. According to scientists, solving puzzles regularly helps to relax the mind, improve thinking and acuity of the brain. You can train your intelligence by regularly playing puzzles with family and friends. ra-de-choi-chu-thu-vi-qua-20220607150215177.chn

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